MS Exchange 2007 User not receiving external emails anymore


We have an Exchange 2007 server running at our company which was fine until yesterday.

Now there are two users who can no longer receive external mail.

They are having to get other people within the company to forward the emails to them locally.

Another strange point to take note of is that emails from another user cannot be received by the two problematic users locally.

Any help will be much appreciated.
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MAS EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Technical Department HeadCommented:
Increase the mailbox quota
delete unwanted email like deleted items, old sent items etc
MAS EE MVETechnical Department HeadCommented:
Have you tried from owa to check whether they are receiving emails in the server?
MAS EE MVETechnical Department HeadCommented:
How outlook is configured for them?
exchange, POP or IMAP ?
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kylestimpson013Author Commented:
I have just found the pop3connector logs on the exchange server and there seems to be an issue with the "maximum acceptable message size".

Here is the message i get:

One or more messages (2) were left in the '' account on the POP3 server '' because they are larger than the maximum acceptable message size (the largest message is 26922208 bytes). You can either connect to the POP3 account and retrieve or delete the messages manually, or increase the maximum acceptable message size in Exchange Server.

How do I go about increasing this maximum size?

Thank you
kylestimpson013Author Commented:
Ok, I discovered what seemed to be causing the issue by logging into the POP email provider.

There were 3-4 emails over 25MB each for each user that was not receiving external emails,

Can this be the cause for some users not receiving external mail altogether?

Thank you.
No. Message size limit policy only affects messages over your allowed limit. It doesn't affect normal external mailflow
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