Outlook 2007 / Hosted Exchange 2010

Ok, i'm am able to connect to our Hosted Exchange 2010 sp1 for one of my Tenents Orginazation, I was wondering if there was a way to have Outlook not prompt for a username and password or be able to at least set the username so the end user only has to put in the password.
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scotth4711Author Commented:
More Informatin,  The prompts are actually for the tenant orginazation so if the autodiscover service for my host is xyz.com and the tenant is abc.com I get a prompt for autodiscover.abc.com even though I do not use that for any settings.
scotth4711Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I Installed Office 2010 and the problem doesn't exist...it's only in Outlook 2007 so I will just upgrade, I do think it is some sort of SSL Cert issue, but since 2010 works fine i'm just upgrading.  Thank you
scotth4711Author Commented:
Not really solved however since the newest version resolves the issue that is the answer i'm going to go with.
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