Which is the BEST anti-virus enterprise software?

I am looking for the BEST solution for anti-virus, anti-malware enterprise software for a small network with 20 users and 1 Server 2008 with Exchange 2010, 1 server 2003 with Citrix and 1 server 2003 Print/File server.   I have used Norton, McAfee and Vipre in the past with mixed results...so I am not interested in any of those products.   What about AVG?  or  Trend Micro?  Any input would be helpful.  I am also look for the best price.  Thanks in advance for your help.
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Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
What is the _best_ is often very subjective, due to personal feelings towards many factors such as the interface, perceived performance and even a dislike towards the vendor.

I've been in the position of seeing many different types so I think I can give a bit of objective information.

For your email protection, I would suggest offloading the task to another server completely - for this you have the option of installing an Edge Transport Server (expensive) and putting Exchange-aware AV onto it (also expensive), or my personal preferred solution for small companies - mailcleaner. This is open source, and free. It is based on a Linux kernel, so small footprint and has many features you would expect to find in an enterprise class product, such as reporting, a decent web GUI and reporting - even down to being able to send individuals a nightly/weekly/monthly report of blocked emails and a button to release them.

It has AV and Antimalware built in, but also support for adding other engines.

It runs perfectly well on old hardware or virtualised - the latest release is also 64bit. Don't be put off by the "Beta" monicker - it's been that for a long time (almost long enough to qualify as a Google product!) but there is now talk about removing the tag imminently.

It is a production-grade product and has tight AD / LDAP integration for callouts etc.

It can be found at www.mailcleaner.org

At the server level - I think a lot of the vendors have worked hard to reduce the impact, but I would have a personal preference in your environment for Trend. The reason behind this being that for an awful long time it was the _only_ AV product designed to work on Citrix/Terminal Servers with minimal impact.

They also do a decent desktop product and they can be centrally managed. Remember on your Citrix server to configure whatever you choose to have minimal impact (turn off scanning of profile folders, for example, and do that at the file server, turn off on-access scans - plenty of info on Google about tuning for Citrix).

I've been seeing good results for Forefront too - it generally works very well, with a low impact on the OS and if this is important down the line, can integrate into the SCCM product line (probably not of so much interest right now) and of course, depending on your licensing you may already be eligible to it in some form or other. There's an interesting argument here too - who understands the OS vulnerabilities better than the company that writes the OS, but the flip side is, do you want the same company doing the AV? Notwithstanding "eggs in one basket" there's a question of whether they see something as a potential vulnerability or not: third parties aren't usually so bothered.

I have used a number of antivirus software, and personally I dont like Norton, McAfee or Symatec. They are bloated and take up tons of resources. I have used Trend Micro in the past with pleasant results, but the one most currently I have been using Eset. I'd have to say I like the adminstrators console a lot better with Eset than I do with Trend. I believe the price points are about the same. I wouldnt use AVG, but thats me.

Eset works great on my 150 user network. Has a bunch of cool added features as well.

If your looking for both antivirus and DLP in one package I'd recommend Sophos, but you pay a lot for the DLP portion.
James HIT DirectorCommented:
You have a few options if you are looking for a managed solution.


Centralized management and works well

Symantec Endpoint

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I agree with Spartan_1337 and Keef400 that ESET is good.  It has a usable management console and subjectively I'd say it's not nearly as resource hungry as Symantec , Mcafee et al.
We are currently using Vipre, and yes I see that you're not interested in that one, but we've had fairly good luck with it, Having said that, it's not without it's issues. I think the thing you are going to find is that no solution will fit every thing you are looking for.

I have tested the Enterprise versions of Sophos and ESET NOD32. Sophos is the only AV solution that I've ever tested that really failed at dealing with a CD of malware that I have. The items on this disk are NOT new and I've not ever had an issue with any AV solution that I've tested being able to get most if not all of the threats.

I also tested the ESET Enterprise solution. It did a pretty good job of cleaning things, but I had a major issue with the console. I found it to be confusing since the console seems to contain controls for items I didn't purchase; I never really knew what I was configuring for sure, and the company's response to have someone walk through the config with me looking at best practices for configuring the various settings was met with: "We don't do that, there really isn't a document or policy that we can refer you to".

So at the moment, I am staying with Vipre. We actually migrated from Symantec because of the cost and heavy footprint of that solution.
infosys3Author Commented:
Thanks for all the comments...it makes my job easier...many thanks again.
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