I need to setup and Secure FTP server on my external web server

I have a external only facing web server that is attached to our firewall (this is a single machine and not part of my domain).  I need to get a secure FTP working so I can send and receive files for updating the website.

This machine is a Win2008r2 w/SP1 and with FTP role installed.  How can I get connected to that machine?  The machine has external facing DNS ip for the website, but not for the ftp.  Can someone help to clairify what I need to do to get this to work?
Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITMAsked:
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Dan SheridanConnect With a Mentor Senior System Eng / vITMAuthor Commented:
I needed to make some change on our firewall to allow the external ip in
AlexPaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Secure FTP comes in two flavors:  FTPS which is secured by SSL (TLS) and SFTP which is secured by SSH.  

SFTP is easier to set set up from a network administration angle since you only need one port through the firewall but the IIS that comes with Windows can't do it.
Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITMAuthor Commented:
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