Unable to install Exchange 2003 /DisasterRecovery on Server 2003 R2 Standard ... "known compatibility issue"

I try to run setup.exe /DisasterRecovery and get a pop-up about "known compatibility with this version of windows" and I am allowed to continue but then I quickly reach a FINISH screen and nothing was installed.


Should I install dotnet3 and dotnet3.5 first before running the exchange installer?  Could that be it?
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Paul SmartConnect With a Mentor Senior Support EngineerCommented:
Yes could be. The best bet would be to ensure you have the latest Service Pack installed!
gateguardAuthor Commented:
I have Server 2003 R2 sp2... but I'm going to install dotnet3.5 now.
Paul SmartSenior Support EngineerCommented:
Ok... can you copy paste details from the installation log!
gateguardAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks
gateguardAuthor Commented:
When I installed all the latest software it worked smoothly.

Also, I ran:

setup.exe /DisasterRecovery (to install exchange 2003)

setup.exe /DisasterRecovery (to install sp1)

update.exe /DisasterRecovery (to install sp2)

And only after all that did I restore the db.
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