exchange 2010 send as permissions

here is my issue.

our accounting department with to send email from an account called "accounting" however no user/mailbox exists under that name, they can receive mail on that address but testing sending gets the error.

You can't send a message on behalf of this user unless you have permission to do so. Please make sure you're sending on behalf of the correct sender, or request the necessary permission

Now, since no actual person with the name exists, if there someway of sending from that account without having to create a user in AD / MAIL.

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madhatter5501Connect With a Mentor Commented:
try adding the AD permission to the mailbox, I believe you can send on behalf of a distro group.

Set-DistributionGroup "Sales Team" -GrantSendOnBehalfTo alan.reid
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
You might be able to set it up as an alias for someone, but that person probably wouldn't want people sending mail on his behalf.  As far as I know, you'll need a valid mailbox.  The mailbox can belong to a group in AD.
obviously change the groups and user names
so you may want to create a security group called accountingsec, put all the accounting users into that group and then -

set-distributiongroup "accounting" -grantsendonbehalfto "accountingsec"
BMI-ITAuthor Commented:
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