Exchange 2010 - two servers, but clients connect to wrong one?? (CAS ?)

We had one exchange server that we needed to retire (called Exchange1.domain.local )(running exchange 2010), so we built a second exchange server (Exchange2.domain.local), and moved all the mailboxes to it.

All Outlook clients are working just fine, but they're showing connected to "Exchange1.domain.local" in Outlook, even though their mailboxes are on the other server.

How do I get them to point to the new Exchange server so I can decomission the old one?
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ctc1900Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You most likely need to update the RPCClientAccessServer for the new Exchange server mailbox databases
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
That apparently can't be done after the exchange client mailboxes have been moved to the new server?
The RPCClientAccessServer is a setting at the mailbox database level, you should be able to update if necessary.  Why do you think it can't be done?
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
Was just following the article
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