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We have just recently updated to Adobe X
In Reader X (version 10.0.1, downloaded Sunday 27 Feb) they are sent to UserName>AppData>Local>Microsoft>Windows>Temporary Internet Files>Low>Content.IE5>LE2HGZ7X - or another similar folder of Reader X's choice.
Is there a way to make Reader X remember my preference for the latter folder, as it did in version 9,
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James MurrellConnect With a Mentor Product SpecialistCommented:
As far as I am aware this is a problem with Adobe X....

many people moaning about it
remcjrAuthor Commented:
I see thought that was the problem just needed the experts to confirm
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
sometimes the answer you get is not the answer you want, but it is still the correct answer
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