ok, another question for my amortization schedule

I want to lock the report tab so nobody can change it and nobody has to, but there is an issue if a payment is made before the 31st day of the loan.  Say i make a payment on the 3rd day of the loan, the report attempts to pull information that does not exist.  Is there a way to show the information for each payment if made before the first 31 days without it pulling for info before the start date while simultaneously allowing the report to show 31 days of activity?
The spreadsheet is attached
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I can't tell if it is working or not when I put numbers in here ... can you test it with:

Cell B21 =IF(B22-31<TODAY()-31,TODAY()-31,B22-31)
Cell B22 =IF(A17-31<TODAY()-31,TODAY(),A17-31)
binaryman101Author Commented:
I tested this, but it doesn't match the dates of the payments or the schedule.  I wish I automatically knew more about advanced formulas.  
No problem ... how about this in cell B23:

=IFERROR(MATCH(B21,'Loan Data'!B:B,0),MATCH(B22-'Loan Data'!B18,'Loan Data'!A:A,0))

This says, if there is an error in the original formula, then instead of matching the Report Date, match the End Date minus the earliest date in column A on the data sheet (cell B18 on the data sheet).
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binaryman101Author Commented:
This is extremely close to what i need.  When I inserted the formula, the report shows the payment date and the date before it.  But, it also shows the next 25 or so days that haven't happened yet.  I need the schedule on the report to show from the loan start date to the payment date, that is until the schedule goes past the first 31 days of the loan, then i need it to show the past 31 days of activity, like it has been. Thanks again.
Sorry for the delay, I will work on this and post again a bit later.  Thanks for your patience!
Is it OK to change cell B21 to:

=MAX(B22-31,'Loan Data'!B18)

This will either subtract 31 days from the end date (which is what you have now), or it will use the earliest date of the loan from the data sheet, whichever is bigger.  On the copy I'm using to play with it seems to fix the problem you mentioned.

Let me know!

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binaryman101Author Commented:
I think you just made my day!
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