EXCEL 2010 - Olap error - enable events property is set to false How to change to TRUE

Where in Excel 2010 in VB do I set enableevents to set to true.
Can I please have the syntax to enter correctly, I know its VB but I am new to excel 2010

Would be grateful if I could get some assistance.
Amanda WalshawBusiness Solutions AnalsystAsked:
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kgerbConnect With a Mentor Chief EngineerCommented:
Well, maybe I'm not understanding the question fully nut isn't it just...

Application.enableevents = true

It can go anywhere in your procedure.

Amanda WalshawBusiness Solutions AnalsystAuthor Commented:
Can I please get some help here thanks
Amanda WalshawBusiness Solutions AnalsystAuthor Commented:
thaks got it now
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