Set up a simple html or picture to be the only page in my web

Hello experts,

I am completly new to web programming.
I boaght a new domain and it is stored in web hosting comapny.
I know how to read mails and I have access to the web management called "plesk control panel".
I only need few step to set up a one page in to my web site.
How to do it ?
I have attached the screen I see when I  go into my site as owner of the site.
 web site managment screen
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dkellnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually it's named something like "docs" or "htdocs", depending on what server it is.
Can you show us what directories you see in the file manager?
Create a file named "index.html".
First, write a simple "HELLO WORLD" in it (just this text, nothing else), put it on the document root on the server, and check what happens.  You should see HELLO WORLD in Times New Roman (or whatever the browser default font is) when you visit your page from the web.

If this works, try something more complex:
	<title> My First Page </title>

	HELLO <b>WORLD</b>!


Open in new window

Now when you visit your site, you should see "My First Page" as a browser title, and the word "WORLD" should get bold.

Follow some HTML tutorial to learn the basics - w3schools for example.  You can find everything there even as a beginner but it will be your friend all along the way.  We experienced guys also use it a lot.  Check "Learn HTML" first.

If you want to show an image on your site, look for the IMG tag (HTML is all about so-called "tags"), w3s will also teach you that.  It's easy - you upload a file like mypicture.jpg, then say <img src="mypicture.jpg"> somewhere between <body> and </body> - and there you go, your image smiles back at you.

If this is not the answer, let's discuss the question again :)
elmtechExpertAuthor Commented:
Thanks dkellner,
All sound good and familiar,i will follow all your instructions,
My main problem is how to put  file in the root with the web hosting managment?
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Hi Elm,

You can use the File Manager feature of the web hosting management to transfer files from your pc to web hosting and vice versa.

Hope that helps!

Cheers! =)
kwingherrero is right.
If you're lost, give us some screenshot after clicking the "File Manager" icon of the last icon row and we'll find out what's next.
elmtechExpertAuthor Commented:
where in file mager I should copy the index.html file.
What is the root directory ?

elmtechExpertAuthor Commented:
This is the solution
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