My domain is under a spam firewall and all spam mails are handled accordingly and successfully. However there is only one particular user that keeps receiving spam mails from random email address from random domain. Is there any ways that i can prevent this from happening?

Im using an Exchange 2010 with MS Outlook & AntiSpam firewall is a Fortimail.
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I recommend to have the IP reputation filtering service enabled to block these type of SPAM mail.
IP reputation filtering on Anti SPAM solution will block your 90% of the SPAM mails.
Are you able to find the Source of the SPAMs? .. Is it from random IPs ... If it was from a particular IP, then You should try blocking it at Firewall level, so that it won't even reach your Server ...

Make sure his PC is not infected by Spywares or Viruses, and install MAILWASHER , an excellent free spamfilter 

Advise him use the company email wisely.

moombazAuthor Commented:
I've checked and the source is from a random IP. Done a scan and the computer is clean from viruses and malware.
Adding DNS Blacklists would definitely strengthen your SpamFilter ... Check with Barracuda, may be you can add their DNSBL to Fortinet appliance ...

Hope that helps ..
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