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I am trying to complete this network solution build. The network consists of:
8 Mb shdsl from the ISP > cisco rv042 > (4x) cisco sf-200

The goal is to supply connectivity for the property staff (local & vpn), guests/reidents (wired/wifi). am considering swapping the rv042 for an cisco 871 and adding a cisco 5520 asa. Any recommendations.

Also, some residents carry their own wrt's etc, how do I effictively reduce any side effect of this.
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CliffordJConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I had to find my own solution; using a cisco 2800 router would allow L3 network control and capabilities. Separate vlans for voice, data, guest, and admin. Additional vlans can be added for expansion.

Such a solution does indeed need a serious bandwidth source to accommodate for demand. Freer not, supply creates demand and demand requires supply.

For tight budgets, cisco offers metro and service provider grade equipment on their smb product line also. I recommend others not to make the mistake of taking on a project without first verifying that the client is just as committed as the contractor, otherwise you get scraps for your budget and a mission impossible.
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
It looks like your top line has the capability to achieve what you want to do for you build. Although, Im not sure about how many users you are talking about, but the RV042 has a decent set of Firewall options available for your vpn setup. Furthermore, not sure which SF (24 or 48) model you have but should allow you enough for future capacity on users.
   If some users have their own SOHO type equipment, then it would be best to use an Ip address scheme other than the typical "" network in your equipment as to avoid VPN issues for your remote users. Hope this helps.
CliffordJAuthor Commented:
I am using sf-200 24's and 48. The property has about 60 rooms, plus a desire to implement wifi at key locations.
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SouljaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this a free service you are offering to the 60 rooms. This is the only reason I can understand using low grade equipment for this solution.  8mb internet connection for 60 rooms? That is not even worth providing. You really need to up that pipe drastically.  I don't see a reason for you to add a firewall and a router. Do one or the other.

I would get at least a 2800 series Cisco router, i.e. 2811, or just the ASA. If router, just use the Zone Based firewall feature set.
The switches may suffice for your purposes, but even 2960's would be better.
I would definitely increase the Internet to the highest you can get within your budget, as it seems that this solution is for using that connection.

Also, get some decent AP's. I personally like the Cisco WAP 4410n's.
CliffordJAuthor Commented:
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CliffordJAuthor Commented:
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Object to closing comment of author and point assignment. The key points he mentions were "left unanswered" were never in his original question or asked until his final posting. I recommended the 2800 router in which the author states he is usings, so he did not "find his own solution".
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