Exchange 2007 submission queue pilup

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Yesterday we had a queue pileup issue on one of our HT server and which was resolved after we unhook and enable back the forefront with HT (kb929076).

Is this a known issue ? do we have any fix for that?


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Brando PeterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange database/queue issues are common with applications that integrate with Exchange ESE API and VSAPI.  Fscutility.exe just happens to be a utility that MS uses to re-register the connection between Forefront and Exchange but this procedure is similar to other software - for example, McAfee, Symantec and so forth.

The problem lies in how the AV/Antispam/journalling/etc applications access Exchange db records - occasionally corruption occurs due to changing specifications through updates to Exchange and/or 3rd party applications.

You will be unable to 100% prevent this from occurring again (unless you stop using Exchange integrated software entirely) - but you can minimize the risk by ensuring that both Exchange and all Exchange integrated software are updated.  

In AV terms - this means making sure that the scan engines are updated as well as the pattern files.  

Also one quick win is to ensure that no file level scanning utility scans the locations where your Exchange directory and databases are stored.  
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