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I have a form with a Date Picker with the default value set to “today()”
That works ok and I get today’s date in the field but I want to use this as a default date and alow the user to change from this date if they want to.
The date seems to be locked and I cant change it.
How do I set this so that I can modify the date after a default value has been set?

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lisa_mcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi gordon

What version are you using and do you have any rules on the form which would automatically sets a fields value

do you have any rules set on the form or the datepicker
GordonMassonAuthor Commented:
Hi Lisa
No rules set for the date picker
nsyyoungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's not read only, is it?  (I know, but I have to ask...)
GordonMassonAuthor Commented:
I have created a new form using a date picker and today() as the default value and it does not have the same problem so i assume there is something else on the form causing the problem.
I will re-build the form and hopefully that will fix it.
Thanks for your help
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