Account Track on Konica Minolta via Terminal Services Redirect

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I already found the closed topic on this issue, however I'm having the same problem in a different environment. One of my clients has a main office and 4 or 5 satellite offices. One such satellite office has a Konica Minolta using account track. The folks at this location must log in to TS to use their network drives and if they wish Outlook instead of OWA. Is there a fix for Account Track via TS Redirect?

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Not that I am aware of. Because the redirect basically creates a "new" printer instance you would have to go in each and every time and modify the printer settings. What I did was remove the printer redirect in the RDP settings for my users and when the user logged in I just made the printer they need that is actually installed on the server their default and it has been working perfect. All of our satellite locations are connected by hardware VPN to corp when the server is so I can connect to all printers via internal IP address.

Hope that helps.

please revisit http:/Q_27075460.html#35900179

Account track runs in user session with user communicating directly to the printer, sounds nonsense to me.

helpdesk2300Author Commented:
Unfortunately this location is so small (3 users) that the client opted not to purchase a sonicwall or other such hardware VPN device. Would having the ISP (static IP) port forward to the internal IP of the printer work?
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Any alternate firmware capable router will be able to hook them (whole network) to head office's VPN
I would suggest against static port/ip to avoid spam being printed
Not sure about that I have never tried to install a network printer using an external IP. Wouldn't hurt to try but you will need to find out all of the ports the printer uses. If your firewall at your server has VPN capabilities you can also buy a basic device such as a business class Cisco RVS4000 that has a 5 tunnel IPSEC VPN capability for under $200.00. I have used that model at a couple sites that were connected to a SonicWall on the server side when the user count was low at those locations and it worked well. When we added more uses however I had problems with it dropping the tunnel because it couldn't handle the traffic load and has to upgrade to an entry level SonicWall. I like the SonicWall over a Cisco unit personally.

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$50 TP-link 1043 will do as well...
helpdesk2300Author Commented:
Thanks for the help all. I am going to have a chat with the client to see if they will purchase a vpn device for these locations (unfortunately this location has a T1 so no 3rd party router is set up here).
You can attach NAT/VPN device to T1 connected ethernet port and all three users browsing (just like all home users in the world do ;)

I am a happy owner of named TP-Link router which is able to saturate my 10/1 Mbps DSL line using IPSEC -openswan (with CPU loaded ~50%) no extra costs for its lifetime.
You are welcome and I appreciate it. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any other assistance!

helpdesk2300Author Commented:
I appreciate ALL the feedback. Since my clients are Nonprofits cost IS always looked at under scrutiny. The $50 solution is a very appealing prospect. I also just found out this office has 8 employees, not the original 3 i stated.
So you need to add $10-50 ethernet switch to office expenses.
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