iPads printing to network printers which are in a different VLAN

i already know that trying to print from an iOS device can be PITA. However i'm going to ask anyway in hopes that someone MIGHT have a solution. :)

We would like to see what it would take to print from an iOS device that is on our wireless network (VLAN 172.x.x.x) to a network printer (VLAN 10.13.x.x) that is hosted on a print server running Sever 08 R2 (VLAN 10.10.x.x)?

Of what i've read, the device and printer have to be on the same subnet. So, I set up a XP test box with a static IP that is on the wireless VLAN, installed a test printer, and shared that printer. The switch port that the test box is using is configured to use the Wirless VLAN as the default VLAN id. However when i go to my iOS device, it tells me no printers can be found.

We are not keen of using a cloud-based service at this time.

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andrewmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Had to do this for a number of users who work in different sites.
What kind of printers do you have?

Some HP network printers support a print to web (via email) so a remote user can print to an email account rather than physically print over a local network.

Have setup both iPad 1 and iPad 2 - for different users, would probably suggest that you don't look at a direct local solution, consider what printers you have and see if a solution can be based upon another option ie. web based.

iMacs and iPads etc dont print in a conventional sense to a network based printer.
They seem to often screw up on the firewall and/or port settings rather than a pc which tends to auto setup as per driver etc.

We've got a few users who work from home and offices across 9 sites (directors and sales team) what I found was that after setting each printer on each device per user I was getting bogged down in so many post support calls.
Instead, some of the HP printers we have, both Photosmart and Colour LaserJet printers support an print to web (via web email) system, so I setup an account per person per device and that seems to have resolved most users.

If you have a specific printer, see if the manufacturer has  a support option for iPad.
Some do, some don't.

Any probs let me know.


Does the printer have to shared? Can you give the printer an ip address and connect it directly to the network?
jwcchelpdeskAuthor Commented:

Each of our network laser printers (HP, Dell, Xerox) have their own IP address, and are shared on the print server.

If i were to guess on which ones we would prob use for ipad printing, it would probably be HP 4014 and HP 4250\4350.

We are also using a print management software called PaperCut. They have a web-based print option that i have been testing, and it works great for people who have laptops, netbooks, etc. However since the ipad can't save documents, i am unable to upload a document to be printed from the papercut web interface.
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What exactly do you need to print?
If you have an email account setup on the iPad would that resolve query?

What I did with directors and sales team, was to setup a print to email, as we found it beneficial to have a copy of everything on an email system.

Perhaps not ideal for everyone in all circumstances, though perhaps it might be worth taking a long term view.
You could always have the same email account (ie. print for ipad email account) setup on all devices though that might not be adviseable, just set it to go outbound - put a dummy incoming mail server in it.  That way you might sort of cheat and bypass the problem?

Re printing to different networks and subnets, you can do an auto forward from one subnet to another within old HP printers, (using HP JetDirect), you basically do a command prompt style command and that way you can print across different networks - though it can be tricky if the printer and/or print server loses its settings.

Check following;
clarify you have the right apple drivers installed on server for one printer, get that sorted then work on adding extra printers one by one on a test device.
would suspect that the iPad is having a problem finding a successful connection to the printer and doing a two way print and confirm etc etc when printing.

Other idea a co-worker mentioned to me, when we've had a similar problem in the past is to install the same printer on one server (though install it more than once);
server one  - std windows x server
printer (one physical printer attached via local network)
install printer for win x users, set all options for print and drivers etc - test it and make sure it works fine
then install the same printer again though configure it for mac users  - suspect this might be what is causing the problem maybe drivers etc - install it from server with the right mac version drivers for ipad/mac etc - test it from a mac if you have it and see if that sorts it
Also you might want to have a look at setting up port forwarding for printers.
Either apple.com support pages have info for iPads or look up via Google.

For iPads - depends also how exactly they are configured to print, if ie. local or web connections etc.
Had wierd problems with this myself.
jwcchelpdeskAuthor Commented:
I'm not totally for sure what some of upper management wants to print, whether its documents, emails, or web pages. They do have their exchange email account setup on their ipad. What i can gather is they want to be able to click print on a webpage or email, and it will print.

My guess it will be using Airprint. i have tried a few different windows tweaks to be able to print to non-airprint printers, but what testing i have done with airprint is that the iOS device and printer have to be on the same subnet. i have personally done this at home with airprint to an AIO network printer, and as long as the device and printer are on the same network, i can print to it. However if there was a way that the wireless vlan could see the printer vlan, then airprint could probably work and the device could see the printers.
jwcchelpdeskAuthor Commented:
I found out that the person wants to print Excel spreadsheets.
Sorry for delay, am on UK time here at my end.
Had long night working late.

I've used this link before; it's worth a read.

Basically a troubleshooting guide for HP printers and Macs - I hate printing from macs and iphones/ipads when they don't want to work.

The article also refers to a both HP 2100 and a 4250 - used to love the 2100 series (still got people using them ten years later - they were built to last.
We used to use the inbuilt JetDirect module on the network versions to be able to print to it from anything mac included.
The old style system used to let you use the inbuilt JetDirect (on a command prompt style MSDOS prompt) to manually network route and add a different subnet to the HP printer (built in print server) as it could handle I think 3 different network settings.

Can you check what version of HP 4250 you have?  ie. specification/ if a letter or sub no is after the main model, I've had some experience - not sure if 100% related can try and help.
Could do with knowing if it has an inbuilt network option or not (HP printers usually have an option
If your upper management are ok in printing via email, can you try and see if you can

Had idea you could try (I do work for a legal firm - they track everything they print for billing - when they did a rollout of iPads last year we hit a problem similar;
The printers and print management software they used (bespoke package for print management software) was not 100% compatible for macs - it would either work or be funny printing one day and then not the next.
They had a HP 4500 laserjet with built in jetdirect and we setup a HP print to email option on the ipad users, that sorted that one rather than trying to print over the network (they had similar issue - different floors and different subnets across different departments - for internal security I think).

Had a look at the software you mentioned you use.
If it is trying to monitor a queue of info from device to printer and (back to primary management console to track print jobs and id numbers etc) then I would probably suggest you look at the below links - they seem to give a mac/ipad option plus a "other device option" - re other device would recommend if you have not done try this one as it won't probably bypass your management software plus keep you appraised of what people are printing etc.

Don't know if you have had a look (depends if they charge you for any of these as extras?)

Use a 3rd party solution to allow emailing in of print jobs - users to email the job in and either securely release it or it immediately prints out.

With Pcounter and Everyone Print you add in e-mail and web based job submission. The Pad needs e-mail based access as there isn't a file to upload.
jwcchelpdeskAuthor Commented:
The model numbers are 4250DTN and 4350DTN. We also have some 4014DN's.

i logged into a couple of the printer's web interface and came across a page that asks for email information. So, it looks like it's possible to email a document to the printer, correct? It says "Set incoming e-mail server values to enable remote requests and commands to be sent to the device." and it gives a place to input a pop3 server, a username and a password.

I know the printers can email a user information, like paper jams, toner is low, etc. However i didn't know if it could work the other way where a user can email the printer a document to be printed.
HP's have extra options with the fully built in network versions.
Usually it's worth paying the extra.

Try anything from a plain txt file to a std word doc.
If the user needs some funky printing option - etc, advise them to email the file to a desktop pc or laptop and work on the file from there.

Any probs let me know.
These are DN or DTN models so all have Jetdirect cards.....
Try the e-mail option..never used so can't comment further at the moment
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