Need to bond 2 ADSL lines together. Provider requires it to support MLPPP.... please recommend for Small Biz.

Hey All,

Hard to find as most either offer load balancing or talk about channel bonding for WIFI.

Was looking at £200..

Preference is Linksys and Draytek. However, a reliable bonded solution is what I am after so happy to listen to other manufacs from others.

Many thanks in advance

RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAsked:
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RomoloConnect With a Mentor IT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Was no good..

Needed to bond the lines together.

Opted for network level bonding of ADSL using provider supplied dual wan router.

RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thank you.. Sorry I did post but it didnt commit?!?!?

This allows for failover and load balancing... I want to also find a solution that BONDS the lines and enables double bandwidth for up and download.

MLPPP supported I am told

RomoloIT Professional ConsultantAuthor Commented:
No answers. Thanks for the post to netgear tho

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