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Hello All,

I'm having some serious permission issues on our file servers.  I have been backing up files recently and come across multiple folders that the domain admin does not have access to.  Is there a way to ensure that the domain admin has access? Even though I provide permissions at the top level of the folder, it does not propagate to the subfolders and files.  Is there a utility out there that can do this and audit the permissions at the same time?  Any advice would be great.

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As Domain admin you can seize control.

For a single folder right click->properties->security->Advanced->owner->"Administrator"->"Replace Owner on subcontainers and objects"

Then Go in and reset the permissions as required.

cdmit000000Author Commented:
Thanks Chris,

It seems that even if I seize total control and replace permissions, it does not propogate to all the subfolders.  Any reason this may be occuring?
Are the files on a Windows server or a NAS?

I am surprised. Do you get an error message when seizing control?
cdmit000000Author Commented:

The servers are all virtual, running off of a Dell SAN.

It doesn't seem to happen all the time.  Can you reccomend some software for auditing the permissions on all the folders and seeing where there is no access to the Domain Admins?

Thank you,

Apologies, I thought this question had died. it is very odd that the propergation won't happen automatically. Maybe due to the administrator not having full rights.

Regarding auditing software, Not had much experience. but seem to do some good pieces of software.

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