Remove characters in a cell reference

Excel 2003. I have a cell that contains a line feed (persons name and address) in a single cell but there are "4" line entries in the cell:  Ex:  Cell A7 =
Joe Smith
123 Gold St
Nowhere CT, 12345

I then have an offset in another cell to referce cell A7.  All is working ok but when I use the offset instead of getting a cell with multipul lines they are all combine in a single line.  The line break appears to have been replaced with another chratacter ,looks like a box.

How can I reference cell A7 with an offset but maintain the line breaks?

Thank you.
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byundtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you turn Wrap Text on in the target cell (the one with the OFFSET formula)?
In Excel 2003, the Wrap Text checkbox is found in Format...Cells...Alignment menu item.
thandelAuthor Commented:
Ah that was it... didn't even think of that... thanks!
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