Copying my contacts to my address book in Outlook 2010

I built a new PC and transferred that data from the old to the new. The address book info went into the contacts in Outlook 2010. Now I have all the info/data in contacts on the new PC in Outlook. What need is to import/export the data that is in the contacts to the address book in Outlook 2010. I need advice or someone to tell me how to do that.
BTW, I transferred the data from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010.
I will be back in a few hours before I can answer any questions.
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How did you transfer the address from the old PC to the new one?

When we upgraded all of our computers from Office 2003 / Vista to Office 2010 / Windows 7, I exported the whole mailbox (including calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, etc) to a .pst file. When I re-created the accounts on the new machines, when it asked whether to create a new .pst, or use an old one, I dropped the backup file onto the computer and had it use that.

So far so good, we haven't had any issues yet.
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
Go to the below location on outlook 2003
C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book.
If its hard to find the address book under the location above, search for it by typing *.pab in search.

Copy the personal address book to the computer with outlook 2010. Then import it.
Outlook 2010--file--open--import--Import from another program or file--Select personal address book--browse (the path 2003 address book is stored) and follow the on screen instructions.

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bbbb2Author Commented:
I used clickfree backup. For some reason it restored the all the contacts in the contacts folder but not the address book. I understand what you are talking about mody but shouldn't there be a way to move or import them from the contacts already in Outlook 2010? I can also import them from the clickfree backup drive if necessary.
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I have three words for you Windows easy transfer.
bbbb2Author Commented:
Justrand19, When using Easy Transfer Wizard can I choose only to transfer the address book file?
The address book in Outlook (the one you access when hitting CTRL-Shift-B) will automatically have your contacts available for viewing.  But you may have to change your default view settings, as the Address Book in Outlook can display contacts from different sources.
bbbb2Author Commented:
@Mody2579, This is what the customer emailed me when going through the instructions.

"I got all the way to the last step and it wouldn’t let me click on the Show this folder as an e-mail address book check box."

So, I don"t know what to do from here except to to my ClickFree back up drive and copy the address book folder from her backup.
bbbb2Author Commented:
Even though the expert who gave me the intial answer, when I had questions about his feedback I never got a response. But he got the ball rolling in the right direction.
Thanks Mody,
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010
1.On the File tab in the Ribbon, and then select the Infotab in the menu.
2.Click the Accounts Settings tab, and then click Accounts Settings again.
3.Click the Address Books tab.
4.If your Outlook Address Book is listed, click Close, and then go to "Step 2: Mark your contact folder for use with your address book." If your Outlook Address Book is not listed, click New.
5.Select Additional Address Books, and then click Next.
6.Select Outlook Address Book, and then click Next.
7.You receive a message that states that the address book that you added will not start until you click Exit on the File menu. Click OK.
8.Click Finish.
9.Click Close, and then restart Outlook.

As per the Step 4, we will already have the " Outlook Address Book " created OR we will create one.
Once it is created or already exists, click on Contacts at the lower left in outlook, highlight the group that needs to be set as the default address book and follow the steps below.
** If you highlight the CONTACTS group, the option "Show this folder as an e-mail address book" would be greyed out.
outlook contactoutlook contact1
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010
1.Select the Contacts folder, and then click the Folder tab in the Ribbon.
2.Click the Folder Properties tab in the Ribbon.
3.On the Outlook Address Book tab, click to select the Show this folder as an e-mail address book check box, type a descriptive name, and then click OK.
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