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We currently have a Mitel switch which is not VOIP. Its digital, but not VOIP. Thus the line itself carries data displayed on the phones screen. Is there any software or method for to be able to plug in a headset or device so that I can answer my phone a few feet away from me wirelessly? My ideal set up (the reason for my question) is that I would like to somehow be able to receive the call (extension to extension as well as outside calls) on my computer and answer them with my bluetooth headset or other headsets. I am pushing for an upgrade to the modern world if IP systems. Any Ideals??

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packetguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could also use a Mac Softphone such as CounterPath's Bria in conjunction with a low-cost VoIP phone service such as BroadVoice.com's $9.95/mo offering, and then make calls from your Mac using a headset and dialing from within Mac applications, and receive them via call forwarding from the Mitel.  
Alas, the Mitel system is too long in tooth to provide this directly. The best you could do is connect one of the Mitel analog ports to a VoIP analog-to-digital terminal adapter (TA), but then you'd lose caller ID. The old proprietary digital PBXs like the Mitel are really dead ends. The proprietary upgrade paths to VoIP are way overprices and still leave you locked in. It's better to start fresh with a new system. I love the site http://voipsupply.com for window shopping VoIP options. They have a huge selection and lots of great background info, but their prices are a bit high for my taste. Once you select a system, you can generally find components cheaper elsewhere, or even get a systems integrator to supply the equipment and installation for a bundled price.
kaosmadnessAuthor Commented:
Thanks... Sorry for the late reply. I was hoping maybe some kinda connector to the headset only. let the phone do everything else except the talking... But Also, maybe if I plug a magic jack in my computer have my phone direct their calls to the number I use or (Skype number or something that can get the calls in my Mac) would that work>>
kaosmadnessAuthor Commented:
Thanks!! That worked very well! I can't wait until we go voice over IP.
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