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Blank White page after clean install of Zen Cart

Hello -

I have done a clean install of zen cart 1.3.9h
my main page
is displaying as a white page, however the admin section of the site
is working properly. The only changes I made where the re-naming of the admin folder, and as far as I can tell the white page was there from the start of the install.
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1 Solution
Can you show me the directory listing of the shop/ folder so i can see what's loading?

Also, which file should be loading. I can help you either way.
jrsnmediaAuthor Commented:
Hello @themrrobert

It should be loading

is this what you're asking for?
Yes that's it, I believe php is encountering an error and erring out of the script, but the error information is being hidden from us. Can you upload the error log? this should tell me where to look next
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jrsnmediaAuthor Commented:

I've looked, but I don't see this error log in the control panel. Is there somewhere I can look on the ftp?
jrsnmediaAuthor Commented:
I found a utility that may help, is this info;

[21-Sep-2011 21:30:29] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /hermes/web09b/b2972/pow.jayreason/htdocs/unajensen/shop/includes/languages/english.php on line 16

 * @package languageDefines
 * @copyright Copyright 2003-2010 Zen Cart Development Team
 * @copyright Portions Copyright 2003 osCommerce
 * @license GNU Public License V2.0
 * @version $Id: english.php 15514 2010-02-18 07:27:05Z drbyte $

// FOLLOWING WERE moved to meta_tags.php
//define('TITLE', 'Zen Cart!');
//define('SITE_TAGLINE', 'The Art of E-commerce');
//define('CUSTOM_KEYWORDS', 'ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping');
// END: moved to meta_tags.php

  define('FOOTER_TEXT_BODY', 'Copyright &copy; ' . date('Y') . ' <a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT) . '" target="_blank">' . STORE_NAME . '</a>. Powered by <a href="" target="_blank">Zen Cart</a> <a href=" Cart" title="install Zen Cart">Install Zen Cart</a>  <a href="#" onclick="'','slverify','width=600,height=600,left=160,top=170')" alt="website security" title="SiteLock" ><img src="//" /></a>');

// look in your $PATH_LOCALE/locale directory for available locales..
// on RedHat try 'en_US'
// on FreeBSD try 'en_US.ISO_8859-1'
// on Windows try 'en', or 'English'
  @setlocale(LC_TIME, 'en_US.ISO_8859-1');
  define('DATE_FORMAT_SHORT', '%m/%d/%Y');  // this is used for strftime()
  define('DATE_FORMAT_LONG', '%A %d %B, %Y'); // this is used for strftime()
  define('DATE_FORMAT', 'm/d/Y'); // this is used for date()

// Return date in raw format
// $date should be in format mm/dd/yyyy
// raw date is in format YYYYMMDD, or DDMMYYYY
  if (!function_exists('zen_date_raw')) {
    function zen_date_raw($date, $reverse = false) {
      if ($reverse) {
        return substr($date, 3, 2) . substr($date, 0, 2) . substr($date, 6, 4);
      } else {
        return substr($date, 6, 4) . substr($date, 0, 2) . substr($date, 3, 2);

// if USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY is true, use the following currency, instead of the applications default currency (used when changing language)

// Global entries for the <html> tag
  define('HTML_PARAMS','dir="ltr" lang="en"');

// charset for web pages and emails
  define('CHARSET', 'iso-8859-1');

// footer text in includes/footer.php
  define('FOOTER_TEXT_REQUESTS_SINCE', 'requests since');

// Define the name of your Gift Certificate as Gift Voucher, Gift Certificate, Zen Cart Dollars, etc. here for use through out the shop
  define('TEXT_GV_NAME','Gift Certificate');
  define('TEXT_GV_NAMES','Gift Certificates');

// used for redeem code, redemption code, or redemption id
  define('TEXT_GV_REDEEM','Redemption Code');

// used for redeem code sidebox
  define('BOX_GV_REDEEM_INFO', 'Redemption code: ');

// text for gender
  define('MALE', 'Mr.');
  define('FEMALE', 'Ms.');
  define('MALE_ADDRESS', 'Mr.');
  define('FEMALE_ADDRESS', 'Ms.');

// text for date of birth example
  define('DOB_FORMAT_STRING', 'mm/dd/yyyy');

//text for sidebox heading links
  define('BOX_HEADING_LINKS', '&nbsp;&nbsp;[more]');

// categories box text in sideboxes/categories.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_CATEGORIES', 'Categories');

// manufacturers box text in sideboxes/manufacturers.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_MANUFACTURERS', 'Manufacturers');

// whats_new box text in sideboxes/whats_new.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_WHATS_NEW', 'New Products');
  define('CATEGORIES_BOX_HEADING_WHATS_NEW', 'New Products ...');

  define('BOX_HEADING_FEATURED_PRODUCTS', 'Featured');
  define('CATEGORIES_BOX_HEADING_FEATURED_PRODUCTS', 'Featured Products ...');
  define('TEXT_NO_FEATURED_PRODUCTS', 'More featured products will be added soon. Please check back later.');

  define('TEXT_NO_ALL_PRODUCTS', 'More products will be added soon. Please check back later.');
  define('CATEGORIES_BOX_HEADING_PRODUCTS_ALL', 'All Products ...');

// quick_find box text in sideboxes/quick_find.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_SEARCH', 'Search');
  define('BOX_SEARCH_ADVANCED_SEARCH', 'Advanced Search');

// specials box text in sideboxes/specials.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_SPECIALS', 'Specials');
  define('CATEGORIES_BOX_HEADING_SPECIALS','Specials ...');

// reviews box text in sideboxes/reviews.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_REVIEWS', 'Reviews');
  define('BOX_REVIEWS_WRITE_REVIEW', 'Write a review on this product.');
  define('BOX_REVIEWS_NO_REVIEWS', 'There are currently no product reviews.');
  define('BOX_REVIEWS_TEXT_OF_5_STARS', '%s of 5 Stars!');

// shopping_cart box text in sideboxes/shopping_cart.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_SHOPPING_CART', 'Shopping Cart');
  define('BOX_SHOPPING_CART_EMPTY', 'Your cart is empty.');
  define('BOX_SHOPPING_CART_DIVIDER', 'ea.-&nbsp;');

// order_history box text in sideboxes/order_history.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_CUSTOMER_ORDERS', 'Quick Re-Order');

// best_sellers box text in sideboxes/best_sellers.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_BESTSELLERS', 'Bestsellers');
  define('BOX_HEADING_BESTSELLERS_IN', 'Bestsellers in<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;');

// notifications box text in sideboxes/products_notifications.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_NOTIFICATIONS', 'Notifications');
  define('BOX_NOTIFICATIONS_NOTIFY', 'Notify me of updates to <strong>%s</strong>');
  define('BOX_NOTIFICATIONS_NOTIFY_REMOVE', 'Do not notify me of updates to <strong>%s</strong>');

// manufacturer box text
  define('BOX_HEADING_MANUFACTURER_INFO', 'Manufacturer Info');
  define('BOX_MANUFACTURER_INFO_HOMEPAGE', '%s Homepage');
  define('BOX_MANUFACTURER_INFO_OTHER_PRODUCTS', 'Other products');

// languages box text in sideboxes/languages.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_LANGUAGES', 'Languages');

// currencies box text in sideboxes/currencies.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_CURRENCIES', 'Currencies');

// information box text in sideboxes/information.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_INFORMATION', 'Information');
  define('BOX_INFORMATION_PRIVACY', 'Privacy Notice');
  define('BOX_INFORMATION_CONDITIONS', 'Conditions of Use');
  define('BOX_INFORMATION_SHIPPING', 'Shipping &amp; Returns');
  define('BOX_INFORMATION_CONTACT', 'Contact Us');
  define('BOX_BBINDEX', 'Forum');
  define('BOX_INFORMATION_UNSUBSCRIBE', 'Newsletter Unsubscribe');

  define('BOX_INFORMATION_SITE_MAP', 'Site Map');

// information box text in sideboxes/more_information.php - were TUTORIAL_
  define('BOX_HEADING_MORE_INFORMATION', 'More Information');
  define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_2', 'Page 2');
  define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_3', 'Page 3');
  define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_4', 'Page 4');

// tell a friend box text in sideboxes/tell_a_friend.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_TELL_A_FRIEND', 'Tell A Friend');
  define('BOX_TELL_A_FRIEND_TEXT', 'Tell someone you know about this product.');

// wishlist box text in includes/boxes/wishlist.php
  define('BOX_HEADING_CUSTOMER_WISHLIST', 'My Wishlist');
  define('BOX_WISHLIST_EMPTY', 'You have no items on your Wishlist');
  define('IMAGE_BUTTON_ADD_WISHLIST', 'Add to Wishlist');
  define('TEXT_WISHLIST_COUNT', 'Currently %s items are on your Wishlist.');
  define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_WISHLIST', 'Displaying <strong>%d</strong> to <strong>%d</strong> (of <strong>%d</strong> items on your wishlist)');

//New billing address text
  define('SET_AS_PRIMARY' , 'Set as Primary Address');
  define('NEW_ADDRESS_TITLE', 'Billing Address');

// javascript messages
  define('JS_ERROR', 'Errors have occurred during the processing of your form.\n\nPlease make the following corrections:\n\n');

  define('JS_REVIEW_TEXT', '* Please add a few more words to your comments. The review needs to have at least ' . REVIEW_TEXT_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('JS_REVIEW_RATING', '* Please choose a rating for this item.');

  define('JS_ERROR_NO_PAYMENT_MODULE_SELECTED', '* Please select a payment method for your order.');

  define('JS_ERROR_SUBMITTED', 'This form has already been submitted. Please press OK and wait for this process to be completed.');

  define('ERROR_NO_PAYMENT_MODULE_SELECTED', 'Please select a payment method for your order.');
  define('ERROR_CONDITIONS_NOT_ACCEPTED', 'Please confirm the terms and conditions bound to this order by ticking the box below.');
  define('ERROR_PRIVACY_STATEMENT_NOT_ACCEPTED', 'Please confirm the privacy statement by ticking the box below.');

  define('CATEGORY_COMPANY', 'Company Details');
  define('CATEGORY_PERSONAL', 'Your Personal Details');
  define('CATEGORY_ADDRESS', 'Your Address');
  define('CATEGORY_CONTACT', 'Your Contact Information');
  define('CATEGORY_OPTIONS', 'Options');
  define('CATEGORY_PASSWORD', 'Your Password');
  define('CATEGORY_LOGIN', 'Login');
  define('PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT', 'Please Choose Your Country');
  define('PLEASE_SELECT', 'Please select ...');
  define('TYPE_BELOW', 'Type a choice below ...');

  define('ENTRY_COMPANY', 'Company Name:');
  define('ENTRY_COMPANY_ERROR', 'Please enter a company name.');
  define('ENTRY_COMPANY_TEXT', '');
  define('ENTRY_GENDER', 'Salutation:');
  define('ENTRY_GENDER_ERROR', 'Please choose a salutation.');
  define('ENTRY_GENDER_TEXT', '*');
  define('ENTRY_FIRST_NAME', 'First Name:');
  define('ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_ERROR', 'Is your first name correct? Our system requires a minimum of ' . ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters. Please try again.');
  define('ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_TEXT', '*');
  define('ENTRY_LAST_NAME', 'Last Name:');
  define('ENTRY_LAST_NAME_ERROR', 'Is your last name correct? Our system requires a minimum of ' . ENTRY_LAST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters. Please try again.');
  define('ENTRY_LAST_NAME_TEXT', '*');
  define('ENTRY_DATE_OF_BIRTH', 'Date of Birth:');
  define('ENTRY_DATE_OF_BIRTH_ERROR', 'Is your birth date correct? Our system requires the date in this format: MM/DD/YYYY (eg 05/21/1970)');
  define('ENTRY_DATE_OF_BIRTH_TEXT', '* (eg. 05/21/1970)');
  define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS', 'Email Address:');
  define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ERROR', 'Is your email address correct? It should contain at least ' . ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters. Please try again.');
  define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_CHECK_ERROR', 'Sorry, my system does not understand your email address. Please try again.');
  define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ERROR_EXISTS', 'Our system already has a record of that email address - please try logging in with that email address. If you do not use that address any longer you can correct it in the My Account area.');
  define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_TEXT', '*');
  define('ENTRY_NICK', 'Forum Nick Name:');
  define('ENTRY_NICK_TEXT', '*'); // note to display beside nickname input field
  define('ENTRY_NICK_DUPLICATE_ERROR', 'That Nick Name is already being used. Please try another.');
  define('ENTRY_NICK_LENGTH_ERROR', 'Please try again. Your Nick Name must contain at least ' . ENTRY_NICK_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS', 'Street Address:');
  define('ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS_ERROR', 'Your Street Address must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_SUBURB', 'Address Line 2:');
  define('ENTRY_SUBURB_ERROR', '');
  define('ENTRY_SUBURB_TEXT', '');
  define('ENTRY_POST_CODE', 'Post/Zip Code:');
  define('ENTRY_POST_CODE_ERROR', 'Your Post/ZIP Code must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_POST_CODE_TEXT', '*');
  define('ENTRY_CITY', 'City:');
  define('ENTRY_CUSTOMERS_REFERRAL', 'Referral Code:');

  define('ENTRY_CITY_ERROR', 'Your City must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_CITY_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_CITY_TEXT', '*');
  define('ENTRY_STATE', 'State/Province:');
  define('ENTRY_STATE_ERROR', 'Your State must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_STATE_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_STATE_ERROR_SELECT', 'Please select a state from the States pull down menu.');
  define('ENTRY_STATE_TEXT', '*');
  define('JS_STATE_SELECT', '-- Please Choose --');
  define('ENTRY_COUNTRY', 'Country:');
  define('ENTRY_COUNTRY_ERROR', 'You must select a country from the Countries pull down menu.');
  define('ENTRY_COUNTRY_TEXT', '*');
  define('ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER', 'Telephone:');
  define('ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER_ERROR', 'Your Telephone Number must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_TELEPHONE_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_FAX_NUMBER', 'Fax Number:');
  define('ENTRY_FAX_NUMBER_ERROR', '');
  define('ENTRY_FAX_NUMBER_TEXT', '');
  define('ENTRY_NEWSLETTER', 'Subscribe to Our Newsletter.');
  define('ENTRY_NEWSLETTER_TEXT', '');
  define('ENTRY_NEWSLETTER_YES', 'Subscribed');
  define('ENTRY_NEWSLETTER_NO', 'Unsubscribed');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD', 'Password:');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_ERROR', 'Your Password must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_ERROR_NOT_MATCHING', 'The Password Confirmation must match your Password.');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_TEXT', '* (at least ' . ENTRY_PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters)');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_CONFIRMATION', 'Confirm Password:');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_CURRENT', 'Current Password:');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_CURRENT_ERROR', 'Your Password must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_NEW', 'New Password:');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_NEW_TEXT', '*');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_NEW_ERROR', 'Your new Password must contain a minimum of ' . ENTRY_PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.');
  define('ENTRY_PASSWORD_NEW_ERROR_NOT_MATCHING', 'The Password Confirmation must match your new Password.');
  define('PASSWORD_HIDDEN', '--HIDDEN--');

  define('FORM_REQUIRED_INFORMATION', '* Required information');
  define('ENTRY_REQUIRED_SYMBOL', '*');

  // constants for use in zen_prev_next_display function
  define('TEXT_RESULT_PAGE', '');
  define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS', 'Displaying <strong>%d</strong> to <strong>%d</strong> (of <strong>%d</strong> products)');
  define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_ORDERS', 'Displaying <strong>%d</strong> to <strong>%d</strong> (of <strong>%d</strong> orders)');
  define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_REVIEWS', 'Displaying <strong>%d</strong> to <strong>%d</strong> (of <strong>%d</strong> reviews)');
  define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS_NEW', 'Displaying <strong>%d</strong> to <strong>%d</strong> (of <strong>%d</strong> new products)');
  define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_SPECIALS', 'Displaying <strong>%d</strong> to <strong>%d</strong> (of <strong>%d</strong> specials)');
  define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS_FEATURED_PRODUCTS', 'Displaying <strong>%d</strong> to <strong>%d</strong> (of <strong>%d</strong> featured products)');
  define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS_ALL', 'Displaying <strong>%d</strong> to <strong>%d</strong> (of <strong>%d</strong> products)');

  define('PREVNEXT_TITLE_FIRST_PAGE', 'First Page');
  define('PREVNEXT_TITLE_PREVIOUS_PAGE', 'Previous Page');
  define('PREVNEXT_TITLE_NEXT_PAGE', 'Next Page');
  define('PREVNEXT_TITLE_LAST_PAGE', 'Last Page');
  define('PREVNEXT_TITLE_PAGE_NO', 'Page %d');
  define('PREVNEXT_TITLE_PREV_SET_OF_NO_PAGE', 'Previous Set of %d Pages');
  define('PREVNEXT_TITLE_NEXT_SET_OF_NO_PAGE', 'Next Set of %d Pages');
  define('PREVNEXT_BUTTON_FIRST', '&lt;&lt;FIRST');
  define('PREVNEXT_BUTTON_PREV', '[&lt;&lt;&nbsp;Prev]');
  define('PREVNEXT_BUTTON_NEXT', '[Next&nbsp;&gt;&gt;]');
  define('PREVNEXT_BUTTON_LAST', 'LAST&gt;&gt;');

  define('TEXT_BASE_PRICE','Starting at: ');

  define('TEXT_CLICK_TO_ENLARGE', 'larger image');

  define('TEXT_SORT_PRODUCTS', 'Sort products ');
  define('TEXT_DESCENDINGLY', 'descendingly');
  define('TEXT_ASCENDINGLY', 'ascendingly');
  define('TEXT_BY', ' by ');

  define('TEXT_REVIEW_BY', 'by %s');
  define('TEXT_REVIEW_WORD_COUNT', '%s words');
  define('TEXT_REVIEW_RATING', 'Rating: %s [%s]');
  define('TEXT_REVIEW_DATE_ADDED', 'Date Added: %s');
  define('TEXT_NO_REVIEWS', 'There are currently no product reviews.');

  define('TEXT_NO_NEW_PRODUCTS', 'More new products will be added soon. Please check back later.');

  define('TEXT_UNKNOWN_TAX_RATE', 'Sales Tax');

  define('TEXT_REQUIRED', '<span class="errorText">Required</span>');

  define('WARNING_INSTALL_DIRECTORY_EXISTS', 'Warning: Installation directory exists at: %s. Please remove this directory for security reasons.');
  define('WARNING_CONFIG_FILE_WRITEABLE', 'Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file: %s. This is a potential security risk - please set the right user permissions on this file (read-only, CHMOD 644 or 444 are typical). You may need to use your webhost control panel/file-manager to change the permissions effectively. Contact your webhost for assistance. <a href="" target="_blank">See this FAQ</a>');
  define('ERROR_FILE_NOT_REMOVEABLE', 'Error: Could not remove the file specified. You may have to use FTP to remove the file, due to a server-permissions configuration limitation.');
  define('WARNING_SESSION_DIRECTORY_NON_EXISTENT', 'Warning: The sessions directory does not exist: ' . zen_session_save_path() . '. Sessions will not work until this directory is created.');
  define('WARNING_SESSION_DIRECTORY_NOT_WRITEABLE', 'Warning: I am not able to write to the sessions directory: ' . zen_session_save_path() . '. Sessions will not work until the right user permissions are set.');
  define('WARNING_SESSION_AUTO_START', 'Warning: session.auto_start is enabled - please disable this PHP feature in php.ini and restart the web server.');
  define('WARNING_DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY_NON_EXISTENT', 'Warning: The downloadable products directory does not exist: ' . DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD . '. Downloadable products will not work until this directory is valid.');
  define('WARNING_SQL_CACHE_DIRECTORY_NON_EXISTENT', 'Warning: The SQL cache directory does not exist: ' . DIR_FS_SQL_CACHE . '. SQL caching will not work until this directory is created.');
  define('WARNING_SQL_CACHE_DIRECTORY_NOT_WRITEABLE', 'Warning: I am not able to write to the SQL cache directory: ' . DIR_FS_SQL_CACHE . '. SQL caching will not work until the right user permissions are set.');
  define('WARNING_DATABASE_VERSION_OUT_OF_DATE', 'Your database appears to need patching to a higher level. See Admin->Tools->Server Information to review patch levels.');
  define('WARNING_COULD_NOT_LOCATE_LANG_FILE', 'WARNING: Could not locate language file: ');

  define('TEXT_CCVAL_ERROR_INVALID_DATE', 'The expiration date entered for the credit card is invalid. Please check the date and try again.');
  define('TEXT_CCVAL_ERROR_INVALID_NUMBER', 'The credit card number entered is invalid. Please check the number and try again.');
  define('TEXT_CCVAL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CARD', 'The credit card number starting with %s was not entered correctly, or we do not accept that kind of card. Please try again or use another credit card.');

  define('BOX_INFORMATION_DISCOUNT_COUPONS', 'Discount Coupons');
  define('VOUCHER_BALANCE', TEXT_GV_NAME . ' Balance ');
  define('BOX_HEADING_GIFT_VOUCHER', TEXT_GV_NAME . ' Account');
  define('GV_FAQ', TEXT_GV_NAME . ' FAQ');
  define('ERROR_REDEEMED_AMOUNT', 'Congratulations, you have redeemed ');
  define('ERROR_NO_REDEEM_CODE', 'You did not enter a ' . TEXT_GV_REDEEM . '.');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_CREDIT', 'Credits Available');
  define('GV_HAS_VOUCHERA', 'You have funds in your ' . TEXT_GV_NAME . ' Account. If you want <br />
                           you can send those funds by <a class="pageResults" href="');

  define('GV_HAS_VOUCHERB', '"><strong>email</strong></a> to someone');
  define('ENTRY_AMOUNT_CHECK_ERROR', 'You do not have enough funds to send this amount.');
  define('BOX_SEND_TO_FRIEND', 'Send ' . TEXT_GV_NAME . ' ');

  define('VOUCHER_REDEEMED',  TEXT_GV_NAME . ' Redeemed');
  define('CART_COUPON', 'Coupon :');
  define('CART_COUPON_INFO', 'more info');
  define('TEXT_SEND_OR_SPEND','You have a balance available in your ' . TEXT_GV_NAME . ' account. You may spend it or send it to someone else. To send click the button below.');
  define('TEXT_BALANCE_IS', 'Your ' . TEXT_GV_NAME . ' balance is: ');
  define('TEXT_AVAILABLE_BALANCE', 'Your ' . TEXT_GV_NAME . ' Account');

// payment method is GV/Discount
  define('PAYMENT_METHOD_GV', 'Gift Certificate/Coupon');
  define('PAYMENT_MODULE_GV', 'GV/DC');

  define('TABLE_HEADING_CREDIT_PAYMENT', 'Credits Available');

  define('TEXT_INVALID_REDEEM_COUPON', 'Invalid Coupon Code');
  define('TEXT_INVALID_REDEEM_COUPON_MINIMUM', 'You must spend at least %s to redeem this coupon');
  define('TEXT_INVALID_STARTDATE_COUPON', 'This coupon is not available yet');
  define('TEXT_INVALID_FINISHDATE_COUPON', 'This coupon has expired');
  define('TEXT_INVALID_USES_COUPON', 'This coupon could only be used ');
  define('TIMES', ' times.');
  define('TIME', ' time.');
  define('TEXT_INVALID_USES_USER_COUPON', 'You have used coupon code: %s the maximum number of times allowed per customer. ');
  define('REDEEMED_COUPON', 'a coupon worth ');
  define('REDEEMED_MIN_ORDER', 'on orders over ');
  define('REDEEMED_RESTRICTIONS', ' [Product-Category restrictions apply]');
  define('TEXT_ERROR', 'An error has occurred');
  define('TEXT_INVALID_COUPON_PRODUCT', 'This coupon code is not valid for any product currently in your cart.');
  define('TEXT_VALID_COUPON', 'Congratulations you have redeemed the Discount Coupon');
  define('TEXT_REMOVE_REDEEM_COUPON_ZONE', 'The coupon code you entered is not valid for the address you have selected.');

// more info in place of buy now
  define('MORE_INFO_TEXT','... more info');

// IP Address
  define('TEXT_YOUR_IP_ADDRESS','Your IP Address is: ');

//Generic Address Heading
  define('HEADING_ADDRESS_INFORMATION','Address Information');

// cart contents
  define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_TEXT_IN_CART','Quantity in Cart: ');
  define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_TEXT','Add to Cart: ');

// success messages for added to cart when display cart is off
// set to blank for no messages
// for all pages except where multiple add to cart is used:
  define('SUCCESS_ADDED_TO_CART_PRODUCT', 'Successfully added Product to the cart ...');
// only for where multiple add to cart is used:
  define('SUCCESS_ADDED_TO_CART_PRODUCTS', 'Successfully added selected Product(s) to the cart ...');


// Shipping
  define('TEXT_SHIPPING_BOXES', 'Boxes');

// Discount Savings

// Sale Maker Sale Price

//universal symbols
  define('TEXT_NUMBER_SYMBOL', '# ');

// banner_box
  define('TEXT_BANNER_BOX','Please Visit Our Sponsors ...');

// banner box 2
  define('BOX_HEADING_BANNER_BOX2','Have you seen ...');
  define('TEXT_BANNER_BOX2','Check this out today!');

// banner_box - all
  define('TEXT_BANNER_BOX_ALL','Please Visit Our Sponsors ...');

// boxes defines
  define('PULL_DOWN_ALL','Please Select');
  define('PULL_DOWN_MANUFACTURERS','- Reset -');
// shipping estimator

// general Sort By
  define('TEXT_INFO_SORT_BY','Sort by: ');

// close window image popups
  define('TEXT_CLOSE_WINDOW',' - Click Image to Close');
// close popups
  define('TEXT_CURRENT_CLOSE_WINDOW','[ Close Window ]');

// iii 031104 added:  File upload error strings
  define('ERROR_FILETYPE_NOT_ALLOWED', 'Error:  File type not allowed.');
  define('WARNING_NO_FILE_UPLOADED', 'Warning:  no file uploaded.');
  define('SUCCESS_FILE_SAVED_SUCCESSFULLY', 'Success:  file saved successfully.');
  define('ERROR_FILE_NOT_SAVED', 'Error:  File not saved.');
  define('ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_WRITEABLE', 'Error:  destination not writeable.');
  define('ERROR_DESTINATION_DOES_NOT_EXIST', 'Error: destination does not exist.');
  define('ERROR_FILE_TOO_BIG', 'Warning: File was too large to upload!<br />Order can be placed but please contact the site for help with upload');
// End iii added

  define('TEXT_BEFORE_DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE', 'NOTICE: This website is scheduled to be down for maintenance on: ');
  define('TEXT_ADMIN_DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE', 'NOTICE: The website is currently Down For Maintenance to the public');

  define('PRODUCTS_PRICE_IS_FREE_TEXT','It\'s Free!');
  define('PRODUCTS_PRICE_IS_CALL_FOR_PRICE_TEXT','Call for Price');
  define('TEXT_CALL_FOR_PRICE','Call for price');

  define('TEXT_INVALID_SELECTION',' You picked an Invalid Selection: ');
  define('TEXT_ERROR_OPTION_FOR',' On the Option for: ');
  define('TEXT_INVALID_USER_INPUT', 'User Input Required<br />');

// product_listing


  define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_MIX_OFF','*Mixed OFF');
  define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_MIX_ON','*Mixed ON');

  define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_MIX_OFF_SHOPPING_CART','<br />*You can not mix the options on this item to meet the minimum quantity requirement.*<br />');
  define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_MIX_ON_SHOPPING_CART','*Mixed Option Values is ON<br />');

  define('ERROR_MAXIMUM_QTY','The quantity added to your cart has been adjusted because of a restriction on maximum you are allowed. See this item: ');
  define('ERROR_CORRECTIONS_HEADING','Please correct the following: <br />');
  define('ERROR_QUANTITY_ADJUSTED', 'The quantity added to your cart has been adjusted. The item you wanted is not available in fractional quantities. The quantity of item: ');
  define('ERROR_QUANTITY_CHANGED_FROM', ', has been changed from: ');
  define('ERROR_QUANTITY_CHANGED_TO', ' to ');

// Downloads Controller
  define('DOWNLOADS_CONTROLLER_ON_HOLD_MSG','NOTE: Downloads are not available until payment has been confirmed');
  define('TEXT_FILESIZE_BYTES', ' bytes');
  define('TEXT_FILESIZE_MEGS', ' MB');

// shopping cart errors
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT','The item: ');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_STATUS_SHOPPING_CART','<br />We are sorry but this product has been removed from our inventory at this time.<br />This item has been removed from your shopping cart.');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_QUANTITY_MIN',',  ... Minimum Quantity errors - ');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_QUANTITY_UNITS',' ... Quantity Units errors - ');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_OPTION_SELECTION','<br /> ... Invalid Option Values Selected ');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_QUANTITY_ORDERED','<br /> You ordered a total of: ');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_QUANTITY_MAX',' ... Maximum Quantity errors - ');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_QUANTITY_MIN_SHOPPING_CART',', has a minimum quantity restriction. ');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_QUANTITY_UNITS_SHOPPING_CART',' ... Quantity Units errors - ');
  define('ERROR_PRODUCT_QUANTITY_MAX_SHOPPING_CART',' ... Maximum Quantity errors - ');

  define('WARNING_SHOPPING_CART_COMBINED', 'NOTICE: For your convenience, your current shopping cart has been combined with your shopping cart from your last visit. Please review your shopping cart before checking out.');

// error on checkout when $_SESSION['customers_id' does not exist in customers table
  define('ERROR_CUSTOMERS_ID_INVALID', 'Customer information cannot be validated!<br />Please login or recreate your account ...');

  define('TABLE_HEADING_FEATURED_PRODUCTS','Featured Products');

  define('TABLE_HEADING_NEW_PRODUCTS', 'New Products For %s');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS', 'Upcoming Products');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_DATE_EXPECTED', 'Date Expected');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_SPECIALS_INDEX', 'Monthly Specials For %s');

  define('CAPTION_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS','These items will be in stock soon');
  define('SUMMARY_TABLE_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS','table contains a list of products that are due to be in stock soon and the dates the items are expected');

// meta tags special defines

// customer login
  define('TEXT_SHOWCASE_ONLY','Contact Us');
// set for login for prices
  define('TEXT_LOGIN_FOR_PRICE_PRICE','Price Unavailable');
  define('TEXT_LOGIN_FOR_PRICE_BUTTON_REPLACE','Login for price');
// set for show room only
  define('TEXT_LOGIN_FOR_PRICE_PRICE_SHOWROOM', ''); // blank for prices or enter your own text

// authorization pending
  define('TEXT_AUTHORIZATION_PENDING_PRICE', 'Price Unavailable');
  define('TEXT_LOGIN_TO_SHOP_BUTTON_REPLACE','Login to Shop');

// text pricing
  define('TEXT_CHARGES_WORD','Calculated Charge:');
  define('TEXT_PER_WORD','<br />Price per word: ');
  define('TEXT_WORDS_FREE',' Word(s) free ');
  define('TEXT_CHARGES_LETTERS','Calculated Charge:');
  define('TEXT_PER_LETTER','<br />Price per letter: ');
  define('TEXT_LETTERS_FREE',' Letter(s) free ');
  define('TEXT_ONETIME_CHARGES','*onetime charges = ');
  define('TEXT_ONETIME_CHARGES_EMAIL',"\t" . '*onetime charges = ');
  define('TEXT_ATTRIBUTES_QTY_PRICES_HELP', 'Option Quantity Discounts');
  define('TEXT_ATTRIBUTES_QTY_PRICES_ONETIME_HELP', 'Option Quantity Discounts Onetime Charges');

// textarea attribute input fields
  define('TEXT_MAXIMUM_CHARACTERS_ALLOWED',' maximum characters allowed');

// Shipping Estimator
  define('CART_SHIPPING_OPTIONS', 'Estimate Shipping Costs');
  define('CART_SHIPPING_OPTIONS_LOGIN', 'Please <a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_LOGIN, '', 'SSL') . '"><span class="pseudolink">Log In</span></a>, to display your personal shipping costs.');
  define('CART_SHIPPING_METHOD_TEXT', 'Available Shipping Methods');
  define('CART_SHIPPING_METHOD_RATES', 'Rates');
  define('CART_SHIPPING_METHOD_TO','Ship to: ');
  define('CART_SHIPPING_METHOD_TO_NOLOGIN', 'Ship to: <a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_LOGIN, '', 'SSL') . '"><span class="pseudolink">Log In</span></a>');
  define('CART_SHIPPING_METHOD_FREE_TEXT','Free Shipping');
  define('CART_OT','Total Cost Estimate:');
  define('CART_OT_SHOW','true'); // set to false if you don't want order totals
  define('CART_ITEMS',': ');
  define('ERROR_CART_UPDATE', '<strong>Please update your order.</strong> ');
  define('IMAGE_BUTTON_UPDATE_CART', 'Update');
  define('EMPTY_CART_TEXT_NO_QUOTE', 'Whoops! Your session has expired ... Please update your shopping cart for Shipping Quote ...');
  define('CART_SHIPPING_QUOTE_CRITERIA', 'Shipping quotes are based on the address information you selected:');

// multiple product add to cart

// discount qty table
  define('TEXT_HEADER_DISCOUNT_PRICES_PERCENTAGE', 'Qty Discounts Off Price');
  define('TEXT_HEADER_DISCOUNT_PRICES_ACTUAL_PRICE', 'Qty Discounts New Price');
  define('TEXT_HEADER_DISCOUNT_PRICES_AMOUNT_OFF', 'Qty Discounts Off Price');
  define('TEXT_FOOTER_DISCOUNT_QUANTITIES', '* Discounts may vary based on options above');
  define('TEXT_HEADER_DISCOUNTS_OFF', 'Qty Discounts Unavailable ...');

// sort order titles for dropdowns
  define('PULL_DOWN_ALL_RESET','- RESET - ');
  define('TEXT_INFO_SORT_BY_PRODUCTS_NAME', 'Product Name');
  define('TEXT_INFO_SORT_BY_PRODUCTS_NAME_DESC', 'Product Name - desc');
  define('TEXT_INFO_SORT_BY_PRODUCTS_PRICE', 'Price - low to high');
  define('TEXT_INFO_SORT_BY_PRODUCTS_PRICE_DESC', 'Price - high to low');
  define('TEXT_INFO_SORT_BY_PRODUCTS_DATE_DESC', 'Date Added - New to Old');
  define('TEXT_INFO_SORT_BY_PRODUCTS_DATE', 'Date Added - Old to New');
  define('TEXT_INFO_SORT_BY_PRODUCTS_SORT_ORDER', 'Default Display');

// downloads module defines
  define('TABLE_HEADING_DOWNLOAD_DATE', 'Link Expires');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_DOWNLOAD_COUNT', 'Remaining');
  define('HEADING_DOWNLOAD', 'To download your files click the download button and choose "Save to Disk" from the popup menu.');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCT_NAME','Item Name');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_BYTE_SIZE','File Size');
  define('TEXT_DOWNLOADS_UNLIMITED', 'Unlimited');
  define('TEXT_DOWNLOADS_UNLIMITED_COUNT', '--- *** ---');

// misc
  define('COLON_SPACER', ':&nbsp;&nbsp;');

// table headings for cart display and upcoming products
  define('TABLE_HEADING_QUANTITY', 'Qty.');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS', 'Item Name');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL', 'Total');

// create account - login shared
  define('TABLE_HEADING_PRIVACY_CONDITIONS', 'Privacy Statement');
  define('TEXT_PRIVACY_CONDITIONS_DESCRIPTION', 'Please acknowledge you agree with our privacy statement by ticking the following box. The privacy statement can be read <a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_PRIVACY, '', 'SSL') . '"><span class="pseudolink">here</span></a>.');
  define('TEXT_PRIVACY_CONDITIONS_CONFIRM', 'I have read and agreed to your privacy statement.');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_ADDRESS_DETAILS', 'Address Details');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_PHONE_FAX_DETAILS', 'Additional Contact Details');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_DATE_OF_BIRTH', 'Verify Your Age');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_LOGIN_DETAILS', 'Login Details');
  define('TABLE_HEADING_REFERRAL_DETAILS', 'Were You Referred to Us?');

  define('ENTRY_EMAIL_PREFERENCE','Newsletter and Email Details');
  define('EMAIL_SEND_FAILED','ERROR: Failed sending email to: "%s" <%s> with subject: "%s"');

  define('DB_ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED', 'Error - Could not connect to Database');

  // EZ-PAGES Alerts

// extra product listing sorter
  define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_LISTING_ALPHA_SORTER_NAMES', 'Items starting with ...');

// include email extras
  if (file_exists(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir . '/' . FILENAME_EMAIL_EXTRAS)) {
    $template_dir_select = $template_dir . '/';
  } else {
    $template_dir_select = '';
  require_once(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir_select . FILENAME_EMAIL_EXTRAS);

// include template specific header defines
  if (file_exists(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir . '/' . FILENAME_HEADER)) {
    $template_dir_select = $template_dir . '/';
  } else {
    $template_dir_select = '';
  require_once(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir_select . FILENAME_HEADER);

// include template specific button name defines
  if (file_exists(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir . '/' . FILENAME_BUTTON_NAMES)) {
    $template_dir_select = $template_dir . '/';
  } else {
    $template_dir_select = '';
  require_once(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir_select . FILENAME_BUTTON_NAMES);

// include template specific icon name defines
  if (file_exists(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir . '/' . FILENAME_ICON_NAMES)) {
    $template_dir_select = $template_dir . '/';
  } else {
    $template_dir_select = '';
  require_once(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir_select . FILENAME_ICON_NAMES);

// include template specific other image name defines
  if (file_exists(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir . '/' . FILENAME_OTHER_IMAGES_NAMES)) {
    $template_dir_select = $template_dir . '/';
  } else {
    $template_dir_select = '';
  require_once(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir_select . FILENAME_OTHER_IMAGES_NAMES);

// credit cards
  if (file_exists(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir . '/' . FILENAME_CREDIT_CARDS)) {
    $template_dir_select = $template_dir . '/';
  } else {
    $template_dir_select = '';
  require_once(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir_select. FILENAME_CREDIT_CARDS);

// include template specific whos_online sidebox defines
  if (file_exists(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir . '/' . FILENAME_WHOS_ONLINE . '.php')) {
    $template_dir_select = $template_dir . '/';
  } else {
    $template_dir_select = '';
  require_once(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir_select . FILENAME_WHOS_ONLINE . '.php');

// include template specific meta tags defines
  if (file_exists(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir . '/meta_tags.php')) {
    $template_dir_select = $template_dir . '/';
  } else {
    $template_dir_select = '';
  require_once(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . '/' . $template_dir_select . 'meta_tags.php');


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Code on line 16 is not escaped properly.

Try this instead (changes made to content)
define('FOOTER_TEXT_BODY', 'Copyright &copy; ' . date('Y') . ' <a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT) . '" target="_blank">' . STORE_NAME . '</a>. Powered by <a href="" target="_blank">Zen Cart</a> <a href=" Cart" title="install Zen Cart">Install Zen Cart</a>  <a href="#" onclick="\'\',\'slverify\',\'width=600,height=600,left=160,top=170\')" alt="website security" title="SiteLock" ><img src="//" /></a>');

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jrsnmediaAuthor Commented:
thank you so much! Worked perfectly!
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