Cisco Antenna gain question

A client has a Cisco Aironet 1300 with a AIR-ANT2506 antenna.  I have no experience with this other than maybe 1 hour of poking through the GUI interface but it seems as if the coverage for this device is pretty low.  I get reception to the AP up to about 100 yards at which point it drop.  The antenna is mounted on the ceiling of a building and I'm testing out in the parking lot.  It's a small business so there's only 1 wall between the antenna and the parking lot.

I noticed an option for Antenna Gain.  The values are -128 - 128.,  I suspect this setting could benefit the reception if configured properly.  Can someone help please?
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So its only a 5dB antenna.  How much cable between the cisco and the antenna?
How far are you trying to reach with this one access point?
What is the building constructed of?
How high is the antenna?
Is it mounted perfectly verticle?

To me, 100 yards is pretty good range for the antenna being indoors.  

Usually Cisco has a power level meaured in mW or Milliwatts.  To be honest, i have not configured a cisco in a few years.  Poke around for a mW setting and see if there is 100mW setting.  That should put the power up to max.  
The power output is less for 802.11g vs 802.11b  30mW vs 100mW .
So if your configured at 802.11g only, then your power output will be lower.  

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