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IIS 7 "HTTP redirect" The page isn't redirecting properly

  We have Windows 2008 server and we tried to use the HTTPredirect on IIS and we have this error:
 The page isn't redirecting properly when we have for an example a doman:
and we want each time the user use www.doman.com then redirect automatic to www.domain.com/test
Then on IIS on the web site www.doman.com on features we clicked twice on HTTP Redirect request, then on redirect requests to the destination the empty box we put: http://www.domain.com/test
Then checked redirect all request to exact destination and then 301 permanent
But when we browse www.doman.xom give the errror at the top.
Any suggestion?
Thank you
1 Solution
This is a problem with an infinite redirect. Since you are redirecting www.domain.com to (essentially) www.domain.com, it will keep redirecting until the browser displays this error.

You need to update your rules to account for this and make sure it is only the root level (no subfolders) that redirects.

The other option would be to add a simple ASP page that does a Response.Redirect("/test")
coerraceAuthor Commented:
I solved doing this like you said on an index.asp on VB:
thispage = Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")
if thispage = "www.domain.com" then response.redirect("http://www.domain.com/test/") end if

Thank you

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