How do I deploy RealVNC Enterprise to specific group of 2000 computers with a domain

I want to deploy RealVNC Enterpise to 2000 computers. These computers only have a  specific naming convention (e.g. %%%%TAG%, percent sign substitutes a number). These computers are mission critical in nature.

VNC Enterprise Edition 4.6
OS  Windows XP PRO Service pack 3
AD integration

Only specific admin users have interactive rights.
Only specific users have view-only rights.
All other domain accounts restricted from using RealVNC Viewer

Does anyone have any similar experiences using RealVNC.  If you can share your insights, and experiences to help better me better plain a deployment. I'd be very grateful.

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Have your tried thier VNC deployment tool.  It comes as part of the Enterprise bundle.

Install/Uninstall clients from a central console?
License deployment
Configuration copy/pasting
Do you have a MSI or can create a MSI for RealVNC?

If so, then deploy using AD Software Installation (GPO).
SleepydogAuthor Commented:
No MSI currently is available for RealVNC
I would suggest to create a MSI for this product and use AD Software Install.

There are commercial products that could be used instead but I am not sure of budget constraints.
SleepydogAuthor Commented:
I was looking for a more complete answer to my specific question.
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