HP PSC 1315xi all -in one printer driver XP install problem

I'm just trying to install this printer for the first time. I'm using the downloaded driver and software bundle 384MB from the HP website. The installer extracts fine, but then slows down and down and down and never reaches 7%. There is an indicator on the installer as to how fast the data transfer is going.

Printer:; HP PSC 1315xi
Jeff swicegoodTechnicianAsked:
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flubbsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try downloading this one instead:


It does not have all of the extra software and never-used utilities of the one you are trying to get to install. It will provide all the printing and scanning control that you should need though.
Jeff swicegoodTechnicianAuthor Commented:
The exact driver file I'm using is gc_w01_ENU_NB.exe.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Check the file size of the download package is 343.3MB Sometimes a corrupted download of the archive can cause this.
You can also check it by unpacking it with something like 7-zip
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Jeff swicegoodTechnicianAuthor Commented:
flubbster: actually I think you are right, I don't need all that stuff. I'll try that
good luck. Remeber to plug the printer in ONLY when prompted to.
Jeff swicegoodTechnicianAuthor Commented:
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