multiple ip addresses on one vlan (cisco 1801)

I have a need to assign 2 ip addresses to VLAN1 on a cisco 1801.  Is this possible?

I need to createn a MS VM which will have one NIC with IP addresses is separate subnets.
VM addresses: /24    & /24

I need to configure VLAN1 on the 1801 with the following addresses: /24    & /24

I can't do this using multiple VLANs because even if the VM supports tagging, it only has one NIC.

Cheers, Andy
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SouljaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you could do multiple vlans. You would create change the port connecting to the VM nic to a trunk instead of access port. Anyway you can just add a secondary address to interface VLAN1

interface vlan 1
ip address
ip address secondary
andrewprouseAuthor Commented:
That's the command I was looking for!  'secondary'   Fantastic!

I did try changing the port to a trunk but I need the host to support VLAN tagging for that to work.  And even though the VM does support tagging, it can only tag 1 VLAN at a time, and as I'm trying to belong to 2 vlans at the same time (multiple IPs on one NIC) this wouldn't work.

Thank you...much appreciated :)
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