Setting up Zywall USG 100

I am having trouble getting this router to not assign IP's to lan computers

We have a regular DHCP Server setup in the office using

We currently have a linksys 5 port work group switch connecting computers to the network via a wireless uplink.  We have 2 wireless setups (2.4 and 900).  depending on performance, we switch back and forth between 900 and 2.4 to this linksys switch.  We decided to go with the USG 100 so that we could set both wireless systems on the Zywall.  I set up failover and load balancing ok.  What I am having a hard time figuring out is letting the other lan ports act as a switch and not a other words, I don't want the zywall to hand out any ip's to computers connected to the router, instead, using the static ip's of each computer, go through the  to the network.  
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dbeayonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
All Set.  Needed to change to bridge mode
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