How to send Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 footer settings to multiple users across network?

Per the following image - I have a footer that is called disclaimer - and was wondering is there a file that stores such settings (including the Appearance Options) where I can copy/transfer to any other person's machine that may need to use it on the network?
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James MurrellConnect With a Mentor Product SpecialistCommented:
have you read this

you may need a 3rd party software

Hi Stephen,


Excerpted from above link for Adobe 8 Pro:

Headers, footers, watermarks, and backgrounds Save header, footer, watermark, and background options as named settings for reuse. Remove or update existing headers, footers, watermarks, and backgrounds. Shrink content to accommodate headers and footers. Preview changes in real time. Set underline text. See Add and edit headers and footers (hyperlinked in the source).

stephenlecomptejrAuthor Commented:
puppydogbuddy, I just want to be clear on this but what you are giving me is exactly all the options available of what I displayed above in the image.

But right now the only solution is a 3rd party software.  Because all though its states I can save - it doesn't state anywhere I can transfer that file save to another place on that network.  That would be including teh hyperlink under Add and edit headers and footers.
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stephenlecomptejrAuthor Commented:
is that correct?
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
as far as i can tell yes
puppydogbuddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:


The link below is a Symantec article showing how you can deploy Adobe Accrobat 9 throughout the organization/network using the Adobe customization wizard to create a transform (customization) file that can be used with the msi installer.  If you scroll about halfway down the web page, you will see that named settings for header, footer and other options can be specified.

stephenlecomptejrAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both for the answers.  This is great stuff!
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