Is it possible to have a footer / header automatically print itself everytime you use Adobe PDF as a default printer?

Is it possible to set up my Adobe PDF to have a particular footer come up on every PDF I print?  I would rather have a particular footer - or it could be a text box or image - doesn't matter -  but always a particular object should appear when I print it out using Adobe PDF?

When I look in Adobe PDF settings - I get all the standard fluff of margin/sizing but nothing about default footer!

Thanks in advance!
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James MurrellConnect With a Mentor Product SpecialistCommented:
I don't think that is possible with adobe sorry, it something we have looked into many times

stephenlecomptejrAuthor Commented:
I just want to be clear before I close out on the 'we'

Are you talking about yourself or the company you work for - or are you talking about experts-exchange in general?
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
sorry the 'we' is myself and a couple of companies I have worked for
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