Need help with Buying a Multifunction Printer for a Client

Hi, Experts……

I have a question regarding Business-Class Multifunction printers.

A have a client who has a small Law Office. He is looking for a Multi-Function Printer that has Print, Scan, Fax, and Copy capability. The Price Range is $2000. To Approx. $2500.

There are SO many products out there, and I don’t have a lot of personal experience in this area.

Cost per page is an important issue to him, as is reliability.

I am looking for recommendations.

Products that he has looked at include
Samsung SCX 6545N
HP 3035XS
Samsung SCX 5935FNN

I am not enthusiastic about Samsung, mainly because I have never seen one in an office and I would be concerned about the availability of service.

I have looked at some of the Xerox WorkCentre products, and the specs are appealing, but SOME of the reviews are a little negative.

So, help me out, experts…..I’d like to help my client spend his money…..Point me in a direction!

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David_IngledewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's a whole host of good devices out there. I feel the backup and setup of the service is what make the difference. Such areas a scanning, and ease of using this are a serious consideration.

You need to find a local smaller supplier - you maybe won't get the amazing savings but would be a better balance of cost vs support. You should be looking at 28-35PPM...

A good workhorse is the Sharp MX310 - A4/Letter only but low cost to run.
The Ricoh MP2500 range are also good, but may be a higher click cost.
The Toshiba e-Studio 2820 is also a capable device, with reliability - slightly higher purchase cost though.

Other considerations: Xerox, OCE, Konica Minolta

I would steer away from HP at the moment, i'm sitting on the fence with Samsung until I see more comments and use them in person.
We just dumped our two Xerox as they have not been reliable.  We also are upgrading our Aficio 2035e to a Ricoh MPC 5051.  Hopefully we will have a better experience with the Ricohs.
Replace an HP with a Ricoh MP2851
We have an HP M3035.  Have flashed the firmware twice.  Replaced system board.  Replaced document feeder assembly once -- irritating because a cheap belt broke, and they call it an "assembly" costing $400+, instead of shipping a $1 rubber band.

The current document feeder is held together with duct tape because it is so fragile.

Stapler is not connected to anything...just a cheap electric stapler that takes proprietary cartridges, and broke in the first year.  Not wasting money to fix it, as we can buy a reliable electric stapler for $30-60.  The cartridges cost ~$40 per 2-pack.

Overall, this single printer has soured me to the new HP.  We have LaserJet 2200, 2300, 6p and even an old business inkjet from 2001 that are running fine.

The new stuff is designed to break after a year.

Don't get me wrong...the features are nice when it's new and it works.  Scans to PDF on the network without any additional software, PDF to email straight from the machine, fax & copy...those were the features we needed.

Unfortunately, it requires a re-boot about once a month when the display icons turn to all question marks.  HP says it's a power issue, ignoring that it follows from outlet to outlet, and we have other HP equipment, other printer, as well as a network switch all plugged into the same circuits without issues.  "Fragile" is the best word I can use to describe it.
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
I have worked as an analyst with close to 5 multi national companies and have seen RICOH at almost all the places.
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