SBS 2003 Restore to exactly the same model

Hi Guys,

I have two servers the one is a production box and the other a backup box if anything goes wrong.
Now i've made a full backup and restored the hard drive and system state the first time on the backup box, but the resotres after that were not successful. I noticed that it was some how a lot more space was been needed. so before i did the restore of the C drive i created a bit more space on the hdd. Which solved the resotre to the hdd but then went to restore the system state and it just hangs in the backup utility on restoring it.
I would like to try a complete system restore as if i was not able to boot in to windows and see if that works out better.
Can i please have a step by step guide on how to do that

Thanks in advance.
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gaurav05Connect With a Mentor Commented:
check this for problem of hang.

1st - Applying this hotifx - this wouldn't apply due to my Service Pack;en-us;891957

2nd-  Ran through re-registering DLL's.

1. Open a command prompt
2. Change directories to \windows\system32 (this is important when you
begin registering the dlls) by following command

CD C:\windows\system32

3. Stop VSS service
net stop vss

4. Then register the following dlls and services (be sure you're still in
the windows\system32 directory at your command prompt):

regsvr32 ole32.dll
regsvr32 vss_ps.dll
Vssvc /Register
regsvr32 /i swprv.dll
regsvr32 /i eventcls.dll
regsvr32 es.dll
regsvr32 stdprov.dll
regsvr32 vssui.dll
regsvr32 msxml.dll
regsvr32 msxml3.dll
regsvr32 msxml4.dll

let us know.

try this windows server migration software.
GECs36711Author Commented:
Hi Gaurav05:
Thanks for the info but idealy i would like to restore from a full ntbackup image.
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Restoring SystemState will require the server to be in AD Restore Mode. MS actually have a nice step by step on restoring SBS servers.

GECs36711Author Commented:
Sorry forgot to mention that it hangs when i am in AD Restore Mode, in the Backup utility, selecting Restore.
GECs36711Author Commented:
Hi Guys,

Nope it didnt work. Its still haning.
Is there not a way to boot from a cd and recover a full image on SBS2003R2?

can i have event log as well as ntbackup utility log report ?
No, there isn't a way I am aware of to perform a 'bare metal' restore from an NT Backup. Post the logs and we will have a look.
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