PHP - web hosting account name or root directory

Is there a call to a system function to show the root path.
In the end i need to plug in the username of the account, as in the example below


it could even be the path to "this" file and i can then strip off the unneeded subdirectories manually

in order to programmatically generate a root path for PHP files

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maeltarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This sill give you the document root..


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mustang83Connect With a Mentor Commented:
$_SERVER["SITE_HTMLROOT"] will give the server root path.

This will only work if you site is not a virtual  or an alias in apache.

There is also dirname which might work

Here is a list of reserved variables that your might find handy.

willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
thanks all - the PHP filesystem root was what i was after
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