How to set limit size for dump area

Please advice how to set limit size for dump area and automatically clean it after reaching this limit.
Thank you
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A Unix script based on "find" to remove everything from the dump destinations
which is older than let's say one week should not be a problem,
but PL/SQL is not really my favorite language.

I think you should search the net, I'm sure there are useful samples around.


what's OS ?
gbcbrAuthor Commented:
Solaris 10/9
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gbcbrAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not correct question.
I need to control Oracle dump area from overfilling and stacking whole system.
Use sqlplus to log in to oracle as sysdba and issue

show parameter max_dump_file_size

If it's UNLIMITED change it to a reasonable size.

The "dump area" is part of your filesystem.
All you can do (afaik) is monitor the accumulated size of the dumps therein and delete what you think is no longer needed.

Find the place where your dumps go with

show parameter dump_dest

(also in sqlplus as sysdba).

gbcbrAuthor Commented:
Thank you for advice.
I see the size and location of dump area in OEM, but I would like to automate cleaning of old records.
Now I'm doing this cleaning manually at Sunday, I need some PL/SQL JOB to do it instead of me by rm command.
Thank you
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