How can I move emails from a folder automatically during a certain time of day, or using a VB script

We have a daily batch of emails that are moved to a public folder on our exchange server. Is there anyway I can set it so that at the end of the day after a certain time, the daily emails be automatically moved to another public folder?  If this can't be done without user intervention, then is there a VB script that will allow me to do this?
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Chris RaisinConnect With a Mentor (Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
I would hink it would be like the following for me (only guessing since I dont use Exchange Email Server.

  My domain is:
  My username is: craisin

So the item move would work (I think) for:
    \\Public Folders -\Favourites

That is provided the security within Exchange Email Server allows it.

Just a suggestion.
There is no tool inside exchange like that which will move the mails automatically to PFs.
clloccAuthor Commented:
i see....
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Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
Can you supply the names of the folders involved as an example?

clloccAuthor Commented:
They are public folders that are in my favorites. When i right click on the folder, I see this for the location:
\\Public Folders -\Favorites

Could I use the Item.Move function for this?
clloccAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that item.move function worked
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