Can't see pictures in Web sites


I have TMG 2010 in my network. In the last days I noticed that I can't see the pictures from websites, and when I say websites, I mean websites that are allowed by TMG rules.

I made some searches in web but I got nothing to help me.
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kitsaoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Solved it by adding .png in Toolbox -> Content Types in TMG Console. Also had to create a rule to allow images viewing.

Hi, have you read this from the TMG tech team?

This solved our problem a while back.
kitsaoAuthor Commented:
Hi Reuben,

That won't solve my problem, I don't have report viewing problems, I just can't see the images in websites and I don't have IIS in my TMG Server.

I saw something about .png pictures and I've been told that might be the problem.

How do I solve it?
kitsaoAuthor Commented:
Found the solution by adding .png to content types and creating a rule im TMG to allow picture viewing.
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