Directory traversal vulnerability

I have come across a security issue on a linux web server.  If someone enters the following in the address bar of a web browser:

They can view this file.  I have since removed the web server from public access.  The php script was internally created to be a helpdesk support site.  What can be done to the server to make sure no one can call this command and view other directories on the server?
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sakmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In your php.ini you could set the open_basedir to your www root.

The open_basedir directive "Limit the files that can be opened by PHP to the specified directory-tree".
the-mizAuthor Commented:
See attached image as there is a special character at the end of the address.
the-mizAuthor Commented:
You're welcome.

You could also check safe_mode (
and open_basedir (
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