Problem getting a web application working through a Windows 2003 GPO published on Citrix PS 4.5

Environement: Windows 2003 Domain with Xenapp 4.5

I was recently requested to publish 1 of our web apps that require silver light to be installed.

I logged on to the test Citrix server and went into install mode and installed silver light. It worked find from the desktop with my account and another domain admin account.

I then logged in with one of my Citrix logins that has a GPO controlling access. It stated that IE enhanced security was blocking access to my internal web server where this application was setup. It then asked me to install silver light eventhough I had installed in on this server. When I tried to install it, it denied me stating I do not have access to install/download. I also adjusted this setting in my GPO.

I then created a new OU with no policy and put this test user in. I still had the same problem. My domain level policy has no IE security so it is not coming from there. I also blocked it just in case.

I am at a loss. What would it require to install silver light when I installed it in install mode and why is there still security enabled if I have no policy?

I also deleted the local profile on the citrix servers and did gpupdates anytime I did a change.

My goal is to get this web based silverlights application running as a Citrix published application but I also want to make sure security is in place so no one can do anything from within IE. Like get to another web site, download, local drive, etc.

I am guessing this all has to do with the policy? Do i need to do anything special on my Citrix server?
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phishbone4Author Commented:
We ended up using Chrome and used delphi to trim it down only to show the web app.
This will not answer your complete question, but regarding IE security to block or unblock check this:
phishbone4Author Commented:
No one was able to provide me with a working solution.
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