Javascript Function to Validate fields separated by fieldsets

I have a form with the required information needed separated into 7 fieldsets.  I'd like to spruce it up and have an acknowledgement show when the user has successfully filled out each field in the fieldset.  

I found an application called liveValidate online but I'm not sure that's my solution.

I'd really just like a green checkmark to show at the bottom corner of the box when the user has successfully filled out each field.  They will all only be integer values so checking for integer would be helpful as well.

appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
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Michel PlungjanConnect With a Mentor IT ExpertCommented:
Add a span float right containing a checkmark
Hide it at the start of the validation and show it at the end

Validate using

re = /^\d+$/
document.getElementById("checkmark1").style.display= re.test(stringToTestForInteger)?"":"none"

Without the code you already have I cannot give a clearer answer
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