Adobe Photoshop image size for web page question.

I created an image in Photoshop CS, and saved it as a .gif. When I uploaded it into the website builder for GoDaddy, the image comes out teeny tiny on the web page. How can I control the size of the image so that I can enlarge it? Thanks in advance.
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SaigonJeffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Never EVER force a re-size of a gif image. You are just asking for horrendous degradation when you size up, and awful distortion of details when sizing down.

If you MUST use the .gif file type, then make SURE you are saving your final image in Photoshop at the EXACT dimensions you need it to be on your site.

Best advice I can suggest... use the .jpg format if possible... unless you require transparency, in which case I would recommend the .png format which supports beautiful transparency, even with drop shadows.

Hope this helps.
activematxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the image sized small in Photoshop?  If it is getting resized by Godaddys website builder try using Godaddys file manager to upload the image directly from your computer.
look in the code for the <img src=""    in there modify your height and width attributes. width="100px" height="100px" as an example
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glenn_1984Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What size is the image in PS?  Do you want it to be the same size on your website?

You do not want to enlarge Raster graphics as they will lose clarity.
You can enlarge Vector graphics safely, however.
one time I worked on a site that someone built in the website tonight thing and it forced a height and width attribute to the images that were uploaded. if they are there remove them and see if it goes to the original size.
I have no idea what the image you are trying to use is but if it is a simple design and it is smaller than what you need, you could use the pen tool to create a high res trace of it.
Link to the image?
sheana11Author Commented:
I can't seem to access the source code for the template design. I did load the image directly from my computer. The website tonight seems to force an image size.....I resolved the issue by using the Transform feature in Photoshop. I kept enlarging the .png image and uploading it until it was the size I wanted, and with no loss of resolution. I couldn't understand the problem I was having because the image I was replacing was much bigger than mine. Many of you supplied ideas that gave me clues I needed to handle this issue. Therefore, I will be splitting the points.
sheana11Author Commented:
Thanks for the help.
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