VG224 troubleshooting

Looking for some troubleshooting tips on cisco's VG224 particularly faxing. The VG224 is connecting to our CUCM 7.1.3 server. Right now I am having an issue with a 2 faxes 1 fax doesn't even answer when you call the extension(5231) the other fax answers (5047) but doesn't receive the fax. We had some fax technicians come out and they said the issue is internal to our network. I rebooted the VG224 that they are connected to and now I can receive faxes on 5047 but 5231 still doesn't pick up.

Are there any commands that would show bad ports on the VG224? Or a command that would let me debug the traffic? Or even something in the CUCM server that shows something wrong. Any help is appreciated.
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DvonHoltzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
jwil320, you can use "debug voip ccapi inout", and go off-hook on that port and make sure it matches a dial-peer that is service mgcapp configured. If all is correct you should get a dial tone. you can also use "debug vpm signal" to see whats begin presented to the FXS port. If everything looks good, but no dial tone you'll need to contact the TAC and get an RMA
Run a DNA on 5231
Is it configured with MGCP or H.323?
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jwil320Author Commented:
jwil320Author Commented:
DNA doesn't show any misconfigurations. There are other faxes that are configured the same and they are working.
jwil320Author Commented:
Thank you I will give this a try tomorrow morning and let you know.
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