Cordless VOIP Phone - Whats out there? What has been time tested?

Are there any reputable cordless voip phones out there.

having checked out the WP phones offered by Linksys/Cisco i have found something among 1-3 star ratings/reviews.

We currently own 2 phone VOIP (Linksys SPA921  - voip corded phone) and we are thinking to upgrade to cordless. Ive found linksys line of WP yet the last of those came out in 2006. I wonder if there are newer, more reputable time tested cheaper models out there. Dont want to buy a lemon

skype/yahoo messenger phones are not  an option.  im willing to spend $100, reallistically im going to spend $200, just want to hear/read some reviews on voip/voip cordless phones from Experts Exchange.

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feptiasChief DudeCommented:
The Siemens Gigaset range seems to be popular in the UK and is reasonably priced.
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
have you looked into a cisco ata.
this enables using any normal analog phone...
i have 3 cordless handsets on my normal analog set up .

Anti-MhzAuthor Commented:
hows the range/quality @Greg?
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Anti-MhzAuthor Commented:
and if i may
the website for cisco ata says 2 ports for voice, my understanding is that its not limited to two phone numbers/2 phones?
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
the cisco ata is ethernet to fxs.
you plug a normal cordless phone it to the fxs port the same as a home phone plugs into the wall.
so what im saying is you plug in a cordless phone, 3 handsets for one number, only one works at a time.
Also can be done with a cisco vic 4fxs .
It is time tested but not proper voip.


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feptiasChief DudeCommented:
I do the same using the Linksys SPA3102 and an analogue DECT phone. It mostly works well, other than if the caller hangs up I find the analogue handsets keep ringing quite a long time after. I think this is because the analogue device does not receive a disconnect signal. It also doesn't give such good integration as a proper SIP cordless phone - e.g. call transfers.

As well as the Siemens Gigaset IP models, the Snom M5 and M9 may also be worth a look.
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