Audio / Video Out-of-Sync in Vegas Pro 9

I am experiencing an out-of-sync problem in Sony Vegas Pro 9.

I used the Vegas Pro video capture module to record some video clips using a Microsoft Lifecam Studio webcam and a separate Samson Q1U USB microphone. The capture is in AVI format. When I view that AVI in Windows Media Player it is normal and fine.

The video is 1280x720. The audio is 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, stereo.

I create a project in Sony Vegas Pro, load the AVI clip media into the project, and insert the AVI into a set of video/audio tracks. When I play the same AVI clip inside Sony Vegas the audio and video are out of sync. I rendered part of the AVI to WMV format as a test, and the rendered test is also out of sync when played in Windows Media Player.

Any clues what is happening and how to fix it?

Peter ByeRetiredAsked:
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Pete, so you want to know what causes it and how to avoid it?
Sorry I just cannot answer that.
Once you have finished capturing and saved the file avi, then imported this avi into Vegas time line previewing it now is when the sync issue appears, you haven't added any transitions or effects?
Have you grouped the audio and video?
Is it a false flag? Some users seem to see this warning even if the audio is correctly placed.
Did you lose sync after editing?  Adding some effects  when editing video make sure that the video and audio are locked together first.
The best practise is to overlap the events exactly where you want the transition to take place, then drag the transition FX to the overlap area.
Maybe caused by the Track buffering being enabled
You can adjust the amount of track buffering.
This option can be found under Tools>Options>Audio Devices.
Have you defragged your hard drive?

How to Sync Audio to Video in an AVI File
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Some further notes based on this YouTube video that provides some useful insights: Indeed, the audio track is slightly longer than the video track. When I adjust it to equal the video track length the sync problem is reduced although still present. I supposed I can try further reducing the audio track so it is smaller than the video track until I get it aligned.


* Why does the original AVI play properly in Windows Media Player and incorrectly in Sony Vegas Pro?

* Is there an easier way to fix it with my existing five clips?

* How do I avoid this problem in the first place?

Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
I found a way to fix this with my current clips so my primary questions are:

* Why does the original AVI play properly in Windows Media Player and incorrectly in Sony Vegas Pro?

* How do I avoid this problem in the first place?

Here is how I am fixing the current clips: View the sound track in Sound Forge and save it as a WAV file. Add an audio track to the original Vegas project and insert the copy. Mute the original audio. Adjust the original and new tracks relative to each other until the sync is in alignment. Render this into the format of choice.

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Did you extract the audio out of the avi?
to break up your comments
 Vegas Pro video capture module to record some video clips using a Microsoft Lifecam Studio webcam
and a separate Samson Q1U USB microphone< via a microphone?
And that synced ok?
Why don't you record your audio in Vegas along with the video?
Record at 48K and your audio should sync to your video
load the AVI clip media into the project, << does this have the audio as in the original?
>>> and insert the AVI into a set of video/audio tracks. <<please explain
check your templates for the project
If your template says 29.7fps while your render is 30fps may be enough to lose audio sync
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Let me re-align my description to clarify.

1. Recorded a clip with Sony Vegas capture video module. This capture used the webcam video and the Samson mike audio. Sony captures as an AVI. Save the file. Do nothing else in Vegas at this time.

2. Play above AVI through Windows Media Player and it plays fine with proper sync.

3. Create a new project in Sony Vegas. Load same AVI media into this project. Play it in the preview within Vegas and experience the out-of-sync. Render this to a WMV and see the same out-of-sync problem.

4. Open the audio track from within Vegas using Sound Forge. Save the audio track through Sound Forge as a WAV file.

5. In Vegas, create a new audio track and load the WAV file into the project as separate media.

6. Mute the original audio track from the AVI in Vegas.

7. Slide the WAV track relative to the AVI track in Vegas about 0.6 seconds and the audio and video are now in sync in the Vegas preview window.

I discovered the process in steps 4-7 as a workaround.

I would like to understand why the out-of-sync I found in step 3 occurs, given that the original AVI plays fine in Windows Media Player, and how to avoid it.
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
I forgot to answer one specific question. This is intended for web use as multimedia clips on a website. The AVI is recorded at 15 fps and the video template in Vegas Pro is also set at 15 fps.
Do you have Gspot?
post back a snapshot / PrtScn  of the analyses of this avi as is in Gspot
it will tell us what audio is used
I can't say why Vegas has a sync issues could be the audio compression used
Does Vegas capture this audio from this mic as well?
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
I downloaded Gspot and ran it on the AVI file. Here is the screen - I assume this is what you're asking for?

 Gspot screen analyzing the AVI file in question
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Oh, and yes - Vegas is capturing both the video from the Microsoft webcam and the audio from the Samson in the same capture. The Vegas capture module allows one to choose the video and audio sources to be used for the capture.

I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9 64-bit, the latest build of version 9.
Thanks yes , puzzling format Gspot doesn't recognise it , doesnt really show any frane rate that I recognise
the audio is PCM Audio
Pete your capturing in raw avi hense the huge size. 5.76 gig.
That's pretty big, do you get any other choices what to capture in?
Could be the size that is causing the lag. And the fact it's a raw avi.
Does this occur in the main timeline and you click preview Play button?
Things that may help stop the lag is to minimise all of the tracks, make the movie preview window small and "draft option" in appearance, and turning off all unneeded programs that may be running in the background.
Other than that I dont know, Gspot reports no problems.
With any software it's trial and error until you find what works.
I keep a few different tools for different video editing.
I prefer Camatasia Studio  even Cam Studio
Divx Pro plus is also very good
Power Director I like and Nero Vision and WLMM for editing.
Yes WLMM is pretty good as well.
Virtual Dub Mod is another tool in my itinary of video editing tools works well for capturing
It supports mpeg and avi.
I tried Sony Vegas but didnt really like it that much.
Here is a link to over sixty Vegas tutorials.
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Puzzling, indeed. I also have the Super video format conversion tool on my workstation. It offers what may be a more-extensive analysis of the file. It is attached as a PNG although since it is so long I did not embed it in this message. Perhaps it offers more insights.

Regarding your software suggestions: I am certainly not "attached" to Sony Vegas Pro other than having paid a lot of money for it(!). It's editing capabilities are very useful - easy green screen / Chromakey and mixing of multiple channels so I can create the look I need. The output is primarily video clips for my website for my management consulting business where I need high quality and a professional look. My business has nothing to do with video although having been an engineer in 'an earlier life' I still enjoy doing these aspects of the work myself. But I'm no expert on this stuff.

I need to be able to record myself talking in front of a green screen using a webcam and an external microphone. The webcam built-in microphones make me sound too hollow - as if I am a large distance away and standing in a cave. So I use the external microphone with a pop filter attached.

I tried Camtasia Studio. It has two deficiencies that I explored with their tech support who gave up. 1) The recording has audio/video pauses in it at random times that I do not experience with other packages. Their tech support says it is probably a performance issue within Camtasia. (Wow - big help!)  2) The video is fairly low quality presumably due to the very low bit rate they use and that bit rate cannot be adjusted. (They confirmed it is a fixed bit rate.) It seems Camtasia Studio is designed primarily to capture off a screen. The recording of a webcam is mostly intended to add a picture-in-picture talking head to a screen capture. For that, the lower-quality video is fine.

The Sony Vegas Pro video capture tool only captures in AVI. No choice. I planned to edit that and then render into something like WMV or MP4.

Recall that the sync problem shows up either when I play off the Vegas timeline OR if I use Vegas to render the AVI into a WMV.

I used to use Nero for CD/DVD burning and other media but it seemed to grow into "bloatware" so I stopped using it a couple of years ago. I suppose I would be open to giving it another try.

Is WLMM the Windows Live Movie Maker? If so I tried that and it had some other problems. No live preview to allow adjusting the setup prior to recording. I think there was another limitation although frankly I don't remember.

SO: I would welcome your suggestion of a different tool that could (a) provide a live preview to facilitate setup, (b) allow easy adjustment of the webcam and A/V recording parameters, (c) do the type of recording I need and produce something more reasonable than an AVI and (d) hopefully not have the sync problem. It is even OK if that is all it does since the editing I can still do inside Vegas if needed.
I should have added I also have Super Video Converter priceless tool that one,but I stayed with an older version like Nero the super upgrades got bloated.
Thanks for detailing what you want to do.
Microsoft Lifecam Studio webcam<< Microsoft product lol probably why it plays in WMP.
according to other users they too experinece this tunnel noise in the audio
I just used a JVC cam corder with inbuilt mic and USB to the PC it saves in .MOV then edited it
for youtube
Can't really offer any other ideas as what you is  fine and I'm sure you don't want to throw any more money at this,  it's just a matter trying different methods. If you want to take shortcuts and speedup this process then I would look at the capture options, this is the main area, how you can process your captured video and audio  directly to the PC.
Video capture cards is another option plug the camera and mic into the card this way you get more choices of capture formats
adobe tuturials
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
I had similar although worse problems with the Logitech 9000 Pro webcam. Built-in, or inbuilt!, microphone sounded terribly hollow so I still needed the external microphone. The Logitech autofocus and autocolor drove me crazy. It frequently "forgot" to re-adapt when I sat down for a recording. That is what led me to try the Microsoft webcam.

So my primary concern is more-effective capture while using an external microphone. Are you suggesting I find either a camcorder with a microphone input or a capture card?

Hi Pete, I just offered those as other ideas.
I dont think there is a straight solution with your problem as you use a USB Mic.
Could be a bug in Sony Vegas.
Could be a setting in your audio and or mic.
If you capture video and audio from the MS webcam do you get any audio sync issues?
have you tested this?  that would  proove it is the USB mic.
When you select capture have you used DV since your capturing from the Microsoft webcam?
What is in your audio?
Microphone Real Tek high def or the name of your audio card or have you selected Microphone USB device.
May I suggest you select the first one with DV in video
 you may need to check and disable the AGC ( automatic Gain Control) in the mic properties of your sound card
check this out for audfio settings for your USB microphone
Windows Live Moviemaker has a preview window?
I use it a lot now.
refs to your comment>
Is WLMM the Windows Live Movie Maker? If so I tried that and it had some other problems. No live preview to allow adjusting the setup prior to recording.<< it doesnt live capture but is good with editing will also capture from a web cam just not live.
Splitting Video and Audio - Windows Live Movie Maker

As you may know codecs all function differently but the main purpose of them is assist rendering video and or audio correctly.
What go me thinking is the microsoft codec your using this Microsoft webcam if nothing helps after making the changes then install  ffdshow and see if it will assist your capturing and audio sync issue
ffdshow is a DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing AVI, DivX, XviD, MKV, MP4, WMV, MPG, MPEG2(SVCD, DVD), AVC/H264, AC3, DTS, AAC with image postprocessing like video noise removing filters and audio postprocessing.
What else you got there like quicktime?
Any other codecs?
Is this a desktop?
cheers Merete
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

So I did some further experimentation. More confusion and then a major clue!

I did a recording with the Microsoft webcam using its inbuilt microphone. I did recordings in widescreen 1280x720 and standard 320x240.

In Windows Media Player, the captured AVI plays fine with good sync.

In VLC Player 1.1.5 and Quicktime player 7.6.8 the original AVI file DOES show the sync problem that I see through Vegas.

Importing these recordings into a Vegas project and playing from the timeline exhibits the same sync problems as before.

SO, VLC and Quicktime playing the AVI shows the same sync problem. Of the test configurations, only WMP plays it well. (I suppose you may be having a "Microsoft laugh" at the moment.) It appears the problem is not in the USB microphone part of the path since the problems appears with the inbuilt microphone as well.

I've got to admit that I am more puzzled than ever at the moment.

In a fit of inspiration I tried a test recording with the Logitech C910 HD webcam in 1280x720 widescreen mode. It works with its own inbuilt microphone with normal sync in all the test playback configurations: Playing the AVI through WMP, VLC, QT. Loading the clip onto the Vegas timeline and playing from there. All are sync'ed properly.

My dilemma now is that the problem clearly relates to the Microsoft webcam video, when used either with the internal or external microphone. Reverting back to the Logitech webcam might help but I would have to find work-arounds for the other problems it was causing. (Lousy and unpredictably variable autofocus and auto color adjustment.)

I'd still like to find a solution involving the MS webcam if one exists.

To some of your other questions, to the extent I know how to answer:

* the audio is a real time recording of me speaking. I'm producing what we call "talking head" videos of me explaining things for use on our website. So I need to record the video and audio together in real time.

* I do choose DV in the Sony capture module. Have to - the other choice (SDI/something else) does not even let me access the webcam.

* It is a Dell desktop 64-bit workstation (model T7500) running Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate with Vegas Pro 9 64-bit. I turn off other apps while doing the video work.

* If I tried uninstalling ffdshow (a) does a different codec take over automatically? and (b) how do I reinstall it if needed? It actually seems the video codec might be an issue here especially if the Logitech webcam uses a different one.

Any further thoughts?

Thanks very much.

Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Sorry - it's late here in the eastern USA. I misread your comment about ffdshow. If I install it and then need to uninstall, is it a simple uninstall through Control Panel or its own uninstall?

Hi Pete, glad to see you resolved the ffdshow
From all the sourcing I do in regards to this MS webcam soo many folks have exactly the same cry of out of sync audio in the Vegas  timeline after using this MS webcam.
What causes it  MS product, drivers?
Back ground services.
Logitec wins then.
Manufacturers are a funny bunch some software just doesnt jell or like Microsoft products.
Simple as that.
Could be how the programmers worked to create their product using certain web cams and the drivers for MS products dont run as smoothly with the others codecs.
Microsoft codecs that is.

Just my humble thoughts.  MS products seem shonkey, if that is a word. ie Crap.

Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
I'll try ffdshow tomorrow US time to see if it helps. If it does, outstanding. If not, I'll uninstall that and find a way to get the Logitech C910 working more predictably for me in terms of autofocus and autocolor.

I see many YouTube videos with this sync complaint - that seems to support your own observations of widespread problems with sync.

I'll come back with an update after trying ffdshow.

Looking at the first snapshot from Super note the PCM is a microsoft codec format where as the avi video/audio uses interweave
this may hold a key
 change the audio compression used in the audio recording from the mic?
refs to my previous comment
What is in your audio?
Microphone Real Tek high def or the name of your audio card or have you selected Microphone USB device.
Seems you have selected microsoft USB device

Looking at the test you did with Logitec it would not have used this  Microsoft USB mic
or MS drivers.

so now please try a capture test using your MS Lifecam with a smaller video scale such as 320 x 240  but change the audio to your sound card if it is Realtek etc in Sony Vegas.
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

The workstation uses SoundMAX Integrated Digital High Definition Audio. As I recall this is a built-in sound capability rather than a separate card.

In the audio device selection I choose the webcam microphone or the external Samson USB microphone rather than the SoundMAX microphone input since in both cases the webcam and Samson mikes connect via a USB port.

You noted the PCM coding. From what I see there is no other choice available for the audio format.

In installed ffdshow although I don't know how to tell if it is actually being used. After installing and rebooting I did a recording using the MS webcam and its built-in microphone in 324x240. Same results as before. The AVI plays normally in WMP. The out-of-sync shows up in other players.

A SUPER properties window appears below. I note the highlighted interleave time at the end. This happens to be about the amount of the sync delay. Perhaps it is coincidental? On the other hand I see no options where I can affect interleaving processing.

A related aside: I googled " microsoft lifecam studio sync problem " (no quotes). Lots of YouTube videos come up with people complaining about their MS webcam sync problems.

Any suggestions, or is it getting hopeless to find a solution for the sync issue?


SUPER analysis of new AVI file after ffdshow install
We havent exhausted all options yet, I'd like to try and see if we can be first to resolve this
I did some research and found the problem of sync was caused when the  backlight/low-light was on the MS Web Cam
turn off your backlight/low-light  and test a capture with onboard mic and or the USB Mic.
 Video recording maxes out at 720p and 15 frames per second without extra software. Buggy live effects.
refs to>in both cases the webcam and Samson mic connect via a USB port.<< not really relevent to the audio used on your system however please confirm>
you r/click the master vol on the taskbar and then recording devices>you have highlighted the Microsoft USB Microphone  r/clicked it then to properties>then custom>then unticked AGC (automatic Gain Control)
This help the sound quality then go to levels and check the volume>put it to around 50 and test
have you made a typo error here?
recapping>did a recording using the MS webcam and its built-in microphone in 324x240. Same results
Did you mean with the MS web cam and the USB Mic seeing as that was the original problem?
same results if you use the USB? BOTH?
and the MS web cam but  not the logitec
It must how the PCM audio muxes into the avi in a live capture
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

The Lifecam Studio may be a newer model than the VX-3000 and VX-1000 mentioned in the YouTube video which is a few years old. The Studio has no specific low-light or backlight option to turn on/off. There is a TrueLight automatic lighting feature that adjusts to lighting conditions. Perhaps this is a newer replacement for the backlight/low-light. I did a test recording with TrueLight turned off. No difference. Proper sync on WMP, out of sync everywhere else.

The options in the Sound panel for both the MS webcam mike and the Samson USB mike don't include an AGC option so there is nothing to turn off. They just have the manual volume setting.

The only typo was that I obviously meant 320x240 and not 324x240! My post dated 09/26/11 11:40 PM gives the background. Briefly, yes:

* Results using the MS webcam video with EITHER the webcam mike or the external USB mike are the same in terms of sync. Proper in WMP. Out of sync on VLC, QuickTime, Sony Vegas timeline.

* Logitech webcam is in sync using either its built-in mike or the external Samson USB mike on WMP, VLC, QuickTime, Sony Vegas timeline.

Because of this since the Sept 26 post I have been using the webcam internal mike for my test recordings. Just for the sake of simplicity of the connections, since it produces the same problem.

It seems a bit bizarre. Where is the actual video/audio muxing done when recording the AVI? I assume it is inside the Vegas Pro capture module that captures the video and audio to produce the AVI. Yet, there is a difference in the sync results depending which webcam is connected to Sony Vegas for capture. The problem shows up regardless of whether the audio is coming in from the webcam or the USB mike. Therefore it seems the mike is not causing the problem. So within the video part of the webcam, where the difference is, it seems to suggest there is a difference in how the video is processed that can result in out-of-sync when played in players other than WMP. I'm still clueless on how to fix this.

Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

The link is very useful. In Vegas Pro 9 rather than a simple "unlink" it is right click the audio track, choose "group" and then choose "remove from." This unlinks the video and audio tracks of the AVI file so that the audio may be easily realigned. This is much easier than what I was doing - using Sound Forge to save the audio track as a separate file and then loading it into the video project as a separate new audio track that can be realigned as needed relative to the video.

Remember, though, that the sync problem shows up with the "raw" AVI file captured by the Vegas capture module and saved to disk. This capture module is a separate program invoked by choosing "capture video" within Vegas Pro 9. Without ever loading it into a Vegas Pro project, the AVI may then be viewed with WMP, VLC, QT, etc. WMP is in sync and all others are out of sync.

If there is a solution to that, it would be outstanding. I guess there is not one?

Even without it, though, you have made living with the situation a lot easier and more practical.

Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

The link you provided to led me to another link with an interesting explanation of the sources of sync problems. It's a bit old (2004) although it still seems relevant:

Sync Problem Explanation by Inventa

It leaves unanswered why it happens with the MS webcam and not the Logitech.

Should we consider this plus the easy time-shift shown in the URL as the final resolution, or is there hope to figure out why MS has the problem and how to stop it from happening?

Well my persnal thoughts, the first is I would be dissappointed that Vegas doesn't offer any other capture formats, secondly the raw avi is huge as always this may hold a partial key.
Yes i understand all your steps you have outlined above , I'm tempted to re-install it just to test it as I still have the installer, but naw I don't have that much time.. :P
refs to>
This capture module is a separate program invoked by choosing "capture video" within Vegas Pro 9. Without ever loading it into a Vegas Pro project, the AVI may then be viewed with WMP, VLC, QT, etc. WMP is in sync and all others are out of sync.
Ffdshow didnt help the playback in the other media players?
I see you dont have a Divx player?
Since you re working with avi ( divx) it may be a good idea to install either the divx codecs or the player.
You click the Blue Button Free Download or the yellow

A quick explaination as to why it happens with the MS webcam and not the Logitech.
MS has to pay a lisense fee to use any codecs with his product mpeg2 divx etc the others don't.
Rememeber before Vista all OS had to pay for the mpeg2 codec in order to play DVD on their systems even in windows media player.
The DVD decoder usually came in Power DVD or Nero or Roxio with a DVD burner.
Now Vista and windows 7 WMP 12 natively plays DVD. mpeg 2. ( mpeg stands for motion picture experts group)
Same with avi and the Divx.
Quicktime and Real.
So these codecs are native to software outside of Microsoft but not to microsft OS and hardware.
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

ffdshow did not seem to have any effect on the sync problem.

I installed the DivX codec/player package (the free version). Seems like a nice player although those codecs have no effect on the problem. I recorded a new test recording using the MS webcam and built-in microphone with the Sony capture module to capture it and store as an AVI file. No editing done on the AVI file - just captured and stored. This and the older AVI files still play in sync on WMP and out-of-sync on all other players including the DivX player.

By the way - the AVI files for these test recordings range in size from about 100 MB to 700 MB. The ones intended for the actual website are larger - up to 12GB in AVI format since they are at 1280x720 and up to 5 minutes duration.

You mention being tempted to reinstall something (from your 11:52 PM message):
Yes i understand all your steps you have outlined above , I'm tempted to re-install it just to test it as I still have the installer, but naw I don't have that much time.. :P

I wasn't sure what you meant - Vegas Pro 9? Or something else? Seems like low likelihood of success, though.

I'm not following the explanation about licensing. If the codecs are native to software and hardware outside Microsoft then it seems they should be able to run things such as AVI with no problem. If MS pays the license fee then they should also. And within the MS "family" things do seem to work - record with the MS webcam and play back on WMP and everything is fine. Record on MS webcam and play back elsewhere has the sync problem. I must not be getting something here.

I sure wish Sony Vegas could capture into other formats or there was another capture tool that does all that I need. Maybe I'll give WLMM another look.

I am probably going to have to decide which webcam to use and if I continue to use the MS webcam simply use the technique to split the video and audio so I can manually do the sync. At least it is an easy work-around.

Hi Pete, yes I am all out of ideas, I cannot for the life of me understand why it has this problem.
It is how Vegas handles the audio codec and your sound.
So your only option is to  split the video and audio.

 I then looked into the compatibility with windows 7 x 64  and it is with DVD Architect Studio 5.0
One guy has no issues using Vegas 9 and W7 x 64 by using M-Audio Firewire 410 audio interface with their 64-bit ASIO drivers. But is not recomended unless your audio card supports them.
The Sony have a lengthy conversation here on sync issues using different capture formats
This is a short guide to explain how to setup DMFS (DebugMode FrameServer)
Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Thanks again. I'll give further thought to the webcams to decide which is "less bad" to use. If I stay with the MS then I'll use the easy split mechanism you highlighted to manually adjust the sync. I'll probably also re-evaluate WLMM for capture although I must admit I prefer to avoid MS software.

Thank you VERY much. You helped me both get a much deeper understanding of the sync issues and come up with a practical and easy-to-use work-around. It probably is appropriate to close this question and award you the points that simply cannot express my thanks adequately.

Peter ByeRetiredAuthor Commented:
The link to and an easy tutorial on delinking the video and audio tracks of an AVI are a very easy work-around for this problem. The rest of the comments provide excellent insight into the factors leading to sync problems. Ultimately there is the puzzle of why a Microsoft webcam being used for capture exhibits the problem when a Logitech webcam does not, although the technique makes it easy to navigate around the issue. Thanks so much Merete for sharing your expertise and staying with me as we dug into this question.
Pete it is a pleasure to dig deep and and try and solve these things, unfortunately this one beat us.
Hasn't happened very often to me.
If I ever do find a solution I may just post it back into your question in your Account if your still here.
All the best
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