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I just purchased Outlook 2010 on my personal computer, and the software attempts to tap into multiple servers associated with my machine.  When it can't do something, it will offer a screen, see below, asking me to insert an Office 2000 Premium disk, which I really don't think I've ever had.  The error comes up when I click on "Personal Folder", which has nothing in it, and that's a folder I can't remove, as I can the new folder I created to associate with my GMAIL account.  As I don't have Office 2000 Premium, I am at a loss to get this message to go away.  Any advice you could provide would be most welcome.

Thanks, ~Peter Ferber

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khairilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry for late reply.

By experience, you either have to have a disk or just remove it.

Outlook 2000 cannot live together with Outlook 2010. You need to remove the 2000 version first. Run Office 2000 uninstaller from Control Panel then take modify to remove Outlook 2000. Try run Outlook 2010 again, if problem still persist then remove and install back you Outlook 2010. Make sure you backup your pst file.

If still not work out, then I could not advise you more than uninstall the Office 2000.

Do you have Office 2000 installed in tht machine?

Have a look on Event Viewer, try find something related to this message. It usually said missing of component.

1. One of the solution is unistalling Office 2000 from that machine. But just go and get the log from Event Viewer first.

2. If you do not have Office 2000 installed then try download Windows Installer Cleanup tools here, http://majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=4459 and run it to remove any list of Office 2000 installer.

WARNING! This tools no longer supported. Do not use this tools with Office 2007 above.
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
On my Add or Remove programs list, I do show Office 2000 Premium installed.

I believe that the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar is a child of Office 2000, and I also have 2000 versions of Word, Excel, etc. listed on here.  Uninstalling the whole thing seems a bit draconian to me.  And this problem may, in fact, be something with which I can live.  The problem only comes about when I click on the Personal Folder: see image below.  Knowing what feature it is for which the program is looking might help in solving the problem.

Something else I don't understand: I have the Developer version of Office 2000, but Outlook is looking for Premium.  My Developer disks don't satisfy the disk requirement.  I'm not sure from where the Premium version even came.  If there's something I could download to satisfy the requriement, I think that would be best.

Thanks, ~Peter Ferber

Best, ~Peter Ferber
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
Thanks much.
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