offline backup of Outlook for Office365

Is it possible when using Web-based Outlook through Office365 to make an offline backup of  the data on either a PC or Mac so that I can always have a local copy of my e-mails and data if I am somewhere without Internet access, and then if I make any changes to the local version that it just synchs up to the Internet next time I am connected?   Additionally, any Web-based changes will automatically synch to the local copy on the Mac or PC as well.  Thanks!
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mcp_jonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Office 365 is provided as a service and, by using Outlook you can use it like if it was your Exchange server, meaning that, all changes, when offline will be synched to O365.

For backup purposes, you can always export the mailbox to a PST file.

Does this answers your question ?
Hi mcp_jon,

I want one more clarificatio, Does OSTfile will be created if i am using Outlook with Office365, as it is being created with Exchange
Hi Jenny,

No, it will create an OST, just like Outlook  does.

Kindest regards.
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So mikecharters can enable cached/offline mode, it will automatically create OST file and can work offline & that will be synchronized with the online mailbox when Internet connection resumes.

For the back-up purpose he can create PST file
Preciselly :)

The OP is asking for when he is using OWA - not when he is using Outlook client.

Unfortunately there is no way to make a PST from OWA at this time. You would need to use an Outlook client, fully synchronize, and then create a PST from the Outlook client.
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