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In Windows Exchange 2003, what I used to do is installed SMTP service on a dedicated server, then installed the Anti Spam to filter all the  spam emails.

In Exchange 2010, the roles have been separated which means you have the option to combine all roles and install them in single server or separate each role by installing a particular role on a particular server.

What is the best practice particularly when installing Anti Spam application  (e.g. Trend Micro Spam Mail). Would you install it where Exchange server is installed, let say all roles were not separated but rather all installed in one server or should you separate the HUB transport to a particular server, then install the Anti Spam?

Appreciate any help.
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5g6tdcv4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
best practice is to have your spam filter software on the  "first touch" server, which "should" be on a separate sever, but is not required.
in essence you want to keep "unclean" mail as far away from your mailbox server until it is "clean" mail. You can also install the edge server role to give you spam management capabilities
.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I always cleanse the mailflow externally using a service like messagelabs. It will improve your server performance and preserve bandwidth as you are not wasting it filtering spam. You can then lock smtp down to the ip ranges used by the external spam filter. Then I install antispam agents on an HT as an additional layer of protection, most of my clients do not use HT.
That last line should state most of my clients do not use ET.
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Does your firewall have anti spam??? That could help block everything before it even hits you exchange server.  It think hardware would be first line of protection.
mcse2007Author Commented:
No sure if anyone has experienced with ISA firewall?

Would it work if your anti spam application is installed on  HT which is installed inside the front-end ISA firewall? Can your HT function properly within the front end ISA? I never tried it before, thought I asked.
Yes it will
mcse2007Author Commented:
@5g6tdcv4, what was the sequence of the installation? Did you installed HT, Anti SpaM (AS)  then ISA? Or, ISA, HT, then AS?

What policies you've created to have HT successfully working?

I've used ISA 2004 since, but if you don't get the policy right, it can sometimes drive you off the wall :-)
Have not used ISA 2004 only 06
ISA, HT, then whatever spam solution
ISA will publish exchange easily (06)
mcse2007Author Commented:
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