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I have an existing spreadsheet and would like to view and use the filters of it on my iPhone.  I can turn it into an XLS if needed, but I have to be able to click the drop-down arrow on the top of the column and filter the sheet.  It would be nice if I could edit it but that's not as necessary as just using it.  I don't care if it's a free app or I pay for it - I just need the functionality.

Anyone know of an app such as this?

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bitrefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Neither QuickOffice nor DocsToGo support filtering.
I don't think that there is currently an application with such features - even main office applications for iPhone don't have it.
jruheAuthor Commented:
OK thanks bitref.  At least i know now.  I'll leave this open for another couple of days in case I get an answer to the contrary.  I'll just sort it and send it to my email. I tested and it will keep whatever filter I created on my computer, so that'll work for now.
Check out quickoffice.  I know you can edit excel files but not sure about filtering.
jruheAuthor Commented:
You're right.  They don't.  Thanks for the timely advice--I'll work around it by filtering and sorting the data before I email it to myself.
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