Adobe X Freezing

Ever since I upgraded to Adobe Reader X (not 10.1.1) I have had problems with the application freezing.  I see many references to this on various forums, but no solid solution.  I've used earlier editions of the Reader for 15+ years without a problem.

The application freezes:
100% of the time when I choose a document form the application splash screen.

Intermittently when I choose a document from the file/open menu choice, usually on the 2nd or 3rd document.

The freeze blocks leaving the app; I have to re-boot the computer - a real joy when trying to to a "quick" document retrieval.

Any suggestions?


PS - Sorry for the Zone pick, but I couldn't find Adobe Reader
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Tony BarkdullCommented:
Try going into Preferences, General and uncheck protected mode. Restart and test.
dhlytleAuthor Commented:
It seems to have worked.  I launched several documents form the splash screen with the previous freezes.


dhlytleAuthor Commented:
Quick and accurate.

A little more use will be the final test, but it looks solid.
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