iPhone Favorite dials "Facetime"...how to tell it "STOP THAT!"

For some reason one of my Favorites contacts has a video icon next to the name.  When I press it it tries to make a facetime call.  Most annoying as I just want to make a phone call to the person.  If I press the > icon next to the user I don't see any option "Make this contact primarily a phone contact".  Anyhow it's driving me nuts.  Wish I could delete facetime altogether.  Is there a fix?  Thanks!
amigan_99Network EngineerAsked:
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maximus5328Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you have added this contact as a FaceTime favorite
delete it from favorites them add it again
amigan_99Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
How do you delete it from there?  If I select the > button to the right side of the Favorite entry I see (top to bottom):  email address of the person, then EMail, FaceTime, Text Message (those three will trigger trying to contact the user using the method), then Create New Contact, Add to Existing Contact and lastly Share Contact.  No "Delete Favorites Entry" or "Delete Contact" as one would expect.  Thank you!
amigan_99Connect With a Mentor Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
Finally found it.  To Delete I have to hit edit when the full list of favorites is showing.  If I enter an individual entry there is no option to delete it or change its contact type.
amigan_99Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
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